By Immaculate Ajiambo

When the sun goes down,

May the dash of confidence,

Spark of determination

Cloud her being

Her teary, weary

Her drained, suppressed only being she has.

When the sun goes down,

Just a whisper in the prayer

‘I love you daughter

Is enough soothing balm to her pain.

As the darkness looms to set in

May peace like a cool river flow in her life

Her one misery labelled life

And let love like wind blow

Away her tearful sorrows.

When the sun goes down

Let not her smile fade away

And her energy drown

They say: She is a sinner

They say: She is guilty

They say: She deserves less of us

In a scornful way

They declare her a social enemy.

I wonder and ponder

What of a murderer?

No sin is bigger, No sin is lesser

Is she to surrender?

Oh! Poor her, just a loner

An innocent pathfinder

They forget: No man is perfect

They forget: Do not judge, lest you are judged

When the sun goes down

May her humility remain nothing less than weakness.

Fill in the blank space; she is _______________ best         creation like I. (God’s, Devil’s)

My gift for her

When the sun goes down is (tick any: Joy, Peace, Love, Patience, Care, Envy, Judgement)

2 1


What Is Success?

By Benjamin Marani (Sir Inaram)

(…Acting consistently towards the right purpose is important, working out your vision and your purpose then being clear on what you want in life…)

Have you ever wondered why, many times, you just   can’t seem to make any progress in life despite the fact that you know so much about what it actually takes to succeed? There just seems to be a gap between what you really know and what you surely do. This gap is what is called ‘The Gap between Knowledge and Action.’

Many a time you could have read motivational stuff here and there, read about people who, at one point in life felt frustrated because they could not make any progress whatsoever. Perhaps this was accompanied by a feeling of failure and a sense that success is not easy to come by, or at least not for them; that is exactly how we feel when there is a gap between our knowledge and our actions. It is when you can know what to do and how to do it, but you just can’t get to doing it.

Do you know the ingredients you usually lack for you to succeed in you undertakings? They are simple ingredients. One of them is lack of CLARITY. For sure, it is lack of clarity that keeps us stuck in a certain pattern. Lack of clarity simply means three basic needs; our fears, feelings of powerlessness and lack of focus.

OUR FEARS: This happens to be the greatest obstacle to taking action. These may be fears that you are aware of, but mostly you might not be consciously aware of. Imagine you have a business idea but you can’t just take the next step, though you’ve got everything you need. Something holds you back and unless you recognize and deal with that ‘something’, you may find yourself totally stuck. It’s important, therefore, to be clear on what our fears are. They are by far the biggest obstacles that you have to deal with in order to move ahead and succeed.

FEELING POWERLESS: The feeling of powerlessness usually occurs when you are living in a state of low power. In this state, you will find that you generally feel less energetic, blame yourself and/or others, are judgmental of self and others and at times even angry. This can best be described as the feeling of having weight on your shoulder, or a feeling of heaviness in your chest or heart, particularly when you thing about your future and plans. But how do you shun this weight? Simple. Learn to let go of negative things in your life. Once you do so, you are able to move ahead to a state of higher power, thereby feeling refreshed and light. That way, you will have made a vital step towards success.

Another thing that can help you get to a state of higher power is your spirituality. We often neglect prayer and reading of GOD’S word, but they’re the easiest cheapest means of getting rid of negativity, blame and judgment of self and others. Meditate on GOD’S word and pray earnestly. The bible says the ‘’effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avail much.’’ It will avail the power you need and give you courage to move forth without fear and heaviness.

LACK OF FOCUS: Once you have recognized and let go of your fears and are thus in a state of higher power, you need to add focus in order to move from knowledge to action. Focus simply means your vision in life. Part of the reason that knowledge you have is not being put to use may be that there is nothing for you to focus on. Nothing is actually pulling you towards certain direction. Or rather you have so many directions you are being pulled to that in the long run you remain stationary despite your unfocused efforts.

Acting consistently towards the right purpose is important. Work out your vision. Work out your purpose. Be clear on what you want in life. Once you do, it becomes easy to say no to things which will not add value to you. It becomes easier to say no to distractions and you then know what knowledge you need to acquire and concentrate on it in order to reach your destination.

Have superb moments ahead, won’t you?


By Zack Omondi

(re-frame your problems and try to view stressful situations from a more positive perspective).
I believe stress something normative encounter in our life is something that is so excruciating to a healthy life. I am a victim to say because it is something that I have experienced this most of the time. The paradox is that we view this as a disguise to us but yet mandatory as we cannot evade that easily, so what do we do? What do we have to employ in our life so that we can lead a stress free life in this stressful world? How do we manage unhealthy stress? That becomes our core statements under this discussion.
First, imagining that you find yourself in a situation that you might find it very hypnotizing in the sense that you are intoxicated such that incapacitated in proceeding to what you were to realize. What do you do then? Take a minute “holiday” and go in a fictional world. Try to think about thinking about nothing, having the sense that you are perceiving no sounds, looking at no one and being nowhere. Get that comfort you feel that you deserve and feel that hedonistic moment you believe that it was meant for you. Be yourself and have that moment of silence with your innate instinctual; consulting the reality part of your conscience; The Ego. This will make you become that real you regardless of what you are experiencing; traveling beyond your problems.
Feel free and talk to anyone and share what you have. There are people who were created to make you laugh and happy, don’t ignore them as they are the arsenals that you have in fighting the desperations that you undergo. They will make you laugh and to a large extent make you feel relieved off your stress. These can be your family member, friend, teacher, religious leader or any other person you crack jokes with most of the times. Each social context you are dwelling in, it has its own social. Make use of this to make your mind circumspect and free.
Enjoy doing what you do like your talent and abilities. Take that guitar and compose a consoling hymn, go musical with life. Like what I often do, take a pen and write something about aesthetics and the beauty and principles of nature. Make good use of this moment as you will forget what you will be undergoing and at the same time sharpening your talent.
Try to know your limits. Is that really your problem? Is it meant for you? If not then leave it alone. If you believe that he/she was not meant for you, then stop following him/her. Stop tormenting yourself by rehearsing on issues already settled, making the scrupulous conscience controlling you is doing more harm than just harm to yourself. Be realistic with life and try to accept things the way they are supposed to be understood. Learn to accept what is, for now, until a time when you can change things. Go facts with life.
Become comfortable, as the situation will allow. Wear comfortable clothing and apply your favorite perfume. This will all reduce the mental pressure you might be experiencing as an individual. Never wait until the discomfort turns into a real problem. Get relaxed.
Some recommended activities in relieving oneself from stress are; laughing, crying, walking, watching moves, listening to music and getting to know new things. Having all this in your account can impact positively in leading a stress free life under a very stressful world.


By Zack Omondi

Neuroscience postulates that the best is acquired out of silence, and the best listeners are always keen to listen (silence). The question is, what is silence and if we understand it then, how do we apply? As a campus student, we find listening as one of the vital avenues in our quest for academic excellence; and in so, embracing the art of silence. The word listen and silent have the same letters only for the arrangement, so two but one the same. Analogically, one can define silence as absence of communication, being speechless, being in a silent motor depending on one’s interpretation. Most portray silent individuals as being shy, ignorant or irrational fear whereas others view it as a sense of wisdom; all applies still.
In 2006, Davyd Betchkal trudged into the deep woods soughing a quiet; undisturbed by the chafing of nylon snow pants, crunch of snow underfoot in order to record sixty days pure silence. The silence proved quiet elusive.
We as modern humans have lost room for introspection and inner evaluation because we lack that moment of silence with our self. Our innate instinctual urges might have great potentials which we will only come to realize them through sparing a moment of silence for them. Our mind and spirit needs that silence for their sustenance thereafter sustaining us, guiding us and providing us with the necessities in terms of mental prescription for a healthy life. Silence is like darkness, and most being done in the dark so does it with silence.
We live our lives against the background of cacophony of man, here in campus with jagged mechanical sounds of the roars of the hoofers in hostels, unnecessary yelling symbolizing hooliganism, blaring pop and hip-hop music from every corner of the campus, irritating sudden ringtones during lectures which will continuously assault our ears. Back then; history now, silence would have filled the busiest Academic Highway in the campus with no interruption of the peaceful nature, contrary to what is there today. Where is the lost glory of embracing the quietness and order that we have?
Silence used to be (to varying degrees) a means of isolation, shyness to express oneself, but now it’s the absence of silence that works to render today’s world empty and so isolating. Silence is taking the part of love and comfort in times of disguise and discomfort, where one can deeply think of effective mechanism to curb the world’s isolating nature and emptiness. Silence is the dwindling place where noise has not yet penetrated, thus one of the only leading roads to self actualization. Try once, ignore the noise around you, don’t think about anything, think about thinking about nothing and let silence prevail inside and around you, then you realize the power of silence explicitly with the ability of making you know what you won’t have known.
Then from all these, why silence? Facts that collocates with the this aspect of silence is that, it will always bring clarity to thoughts of a stressful mind, promotes harmony amongst us, builds a strong inner self awareness, makes you and me the best listeners, fosters greater appreciation of quietude and nature plus all and sundry made given the pristine gift of making wise choice which will ultimately lead to better life.
It will always begin with me and you, but not him/her and them. Let’s try for once to carve out this silence space in the demanding world we are in, then we find ourselves in a mysterious lack of audible stimulation that seems so appealing in the first place solving problems and finding remedies; and with this state of being alone we embrace the attitude of self concept and positive self-regard. Let’s nurture the sense of moment of silence customary to our living and avoid unnecessary noise, giving the nature its harmonious regard and sparking the effect of peace inside every peaceful mind.


By Zack Omondi

It sounds enigmatic and quite unthinkable as to why women are attracted more to the jerks than the good guys in choosing for a date partner for a reason them themselves will be able to explain it better. This is not to say that someone is either lamenting, being in forlornness or envious in a way simply because he is a good guy, but just an evaluation of facts. First, lets take a look on some of the peculiarity of good guys and see what they possess. They are confident, assertive, leaders, in control, an evoker of positive emotions, dominant, untameable (his own person) and independent. It really sounds correct and eligible for a young lady to find her luck in, contrary, this is not the case as most of these ladies go for men who are arrogant, aggressive, selfish, controlling, domineering, a pimp of emotions based on negativity like drunkenness, co-dependent and not defined in the sense that he does not know who really he is. Compare with the Campus context then ask them if that is true.

So is being called a “nice guy” a complement or a curse?

Not thinking but in a state of mental acceptance of a claim to be true based on the sincerity and authority of the source, I believe it (being a nice guy) serves both. Okay, why then being called a nice guy a complement? I believe this is a good element of one being himself and doing things out of defined principles that I am doing the right thing to achieve. Some women (not implying that they are women from the church or those from strict homes) like good guys. Being nice in the first place then is the speak of being a constellation of traits that prioritize kindness, conscientiousness, warmth, and respect. This is what it means having a sound character and deserving a complement.

When it comes to romance, being a “nice guy” takes another definition – that is, when she calls you a “nice guy” is it that you are needy, weak, predictable, boring, inexperienced and unattractive? If the rejoinder is Yes, then thats what it mean by it (being a nice guy) is a curse. So which is which? Ask the ladies.

Research from different sources states that the nice guy approach works best for women over the age of 25 years but for girls in the 17-24 year range, try being more aloof and complimenting a little less often; this is something to campus guys, I don’t know if its true, confirm with the ladies. H aha ha… makes me laugh. To make the topic more hot sauce, there are physical attributes that most women look for in men and just highlighting, we have, Sense of style (30%), Handsome face(26%), Height (15%), Muscular build (13%) and fitness (12%). Hows that!? Making it more practical, the practical skills they look for are Listening (53%), Romancing (48%), Being good in bed (35%), Cooking and cleaning (23%) and Earning potential (21%). To be frank I am only good in the 23% of that in the list, but Ask them if its true.

Anyway I am enjoy writing this piece but finding it so abash because I might be that good guy. Luckily the paradox on how women choose their date depends on one in particular but not in general, so for the good guys and the “jerks” its not a big deal. The issue of concern is that are you that guy who is generous, confident, having passion, having intellect or portraying sense of humor? go for them then wait for things to try and work if it will.

The paradox will remain in them(women) but the ball on our side (men).