By Zack Omondi

Neuroscience postulates that the best is acquired out of silence, and the best listeners are always keen to listen (silence). The question is, what is silence and if we understand it then, how do we apply? As a campus student, we find listening as one of the vital avenues in our quest for academic excellence; and in so, embracing the art of silence. The word listen and silent have the same letters only for the arrangement, so two but one the same. Analogically, one can define silence as absence of communication, being speechless, being in a silent motor depending on one’s interpretation. Most portray silent individuals as being shy, ignorant or irrational fear whereas others view it as a sense of wisdom; all applies still.
In 2006, Davyd Betchkal trudged into the deep woods soughing a quiet; undisturbed by the chafing of nylon snow pants, crunch of snow underfoot in order to record sixty days pure silence. The silence proved quiet elusive.
We as modern humans have lost room for introspection and inner evaluation because we lack that moment of silence with our self. Our innate instinctual urges might have great potentials which we will only come to realize them through sparing a moment of silence for them. Our mind and spirit needs that silence for their sustenance thereafter sustaining us, guiding us and providing us with the necessities in terms of mental prescription for a healthy life. Silence is like darkness, and most being done in the dark so does it with silence.
We live our lives against the background of cacophony of man, here in campus with jagged mechanical sounds of the roars of the hoofers in hostels, unnecessary yelling symbolizing hooliganism, blaring pop and hip-hop music from every corner of the campus, irritating sudden ringtones during lectures which will continuously assault our ears. Back then; history now, silence would have filled the busiest Academic Highway in the campus with no interruption of the peaceful nature, contrary to what is there today. Where is the lost glory of embracing the quietness and order that we have?
Silence used to be (to varying degrees) a means of isolation, shyness to express oneself, but now it’s the absence of silence that works to render today’s world empty and so isolating. Silence is taking the part of love and comfort in times of disguise and discomfort, where one can deeply think of effective mechanism to curb the world’s isolating nature and emptiness. Silence is the dwindling place where noise has not yet penetrated, thus one of the only leading roads to self actualization. Try once, ignore the noise around you, don’t think about anything, think about thinking about nothing and let silence prevail inside and around you, then you realize the power of silence explicitly with the ability of making you know what you won’t have known.
Then from all these, why silence? Facts that collocates with the this aspect of silence is that, it will always bring clarity to thoughts of a stressful mind, promotes harmony amongst us, builds a strong inner self awareness, makes you and me the best listeners, fosters greater appreciation of quietude and nature plus all and sundry made given the pristine gift of making wise choice which will ultimately lead to better life.
It will always begin with me and you, but not him/her and them. Let’s try for once to carve out this silence space in the demanding world we are in, then we find ourselves in a mysterious lack of audible stimulation that seems so appealing in the first place solving problems and finding remedies; and with this state of being alone we embrace the attitude of self concept and positive self-regard. Let’s nurture the sense of moment of silence customary to our living and avoid unnecessary noise, giving the nature its harmonious regard and sparking the effect of peace inside every peaceful mind.
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