By Zack Omondi

(re-frame your problems and try to view stressful situations from a more positive perspective).
I believe stress something normative encounter in our life is something that is so excruciating to a healthy life. I am a victim to say because it is something that I have experienced this most of the time. The paradox is that we view this as a disguise to us but yet mandatory as we cannot evade that easily, so what do we do? What do we have to employ in our life so that we can lead a stress free life in this stressful world? How do we manage unhealthy stress? That becomes our core statements under this discussion.
First, imagining that you find yourself in a situation that you might find it very hypnotizing in the sense that you are intoxicated such that incapacitated in proceeding to what you were to realize. What do you do then? Take a minute “holiday” and go in a fictional world. Try to think about thinking about nothing, having the sense that you are perceiving no sounds, looking at no one and being nowhere. Get that comfort you feel that you deserve and feel that hedonistic moment you believe that it was meant for you. Be yourself and have that moment of silence with your innate instinctual; consulting the reality part of your conscience; The Ego. This will make you become that real you regardless of what you are experiencing; traveling beyond your problems.
Feel free and talk to anyone and share what you have. There are people who were created to make you laugh and happy, don’t ignore them as they are the arsenals that you have in fighting the desperations that you undergo. They will make you laugh and to a large extent make you feel relieved off your stress. These can be your family member, friend, teacher, religious leader or any other person you crack jokes with most of the times. Each social context you are dwelling in, it has its own social. Make use of this to make your mind circumspect and free.
Enjoy doing what you do like your talent and abilities. Take that guitar and compose a consoling hymn, go musical with life. Like what I often do, take a pen and write something about aesthetics and the beauty and principles of nature. Make good use of this moment as you will forget what you will be undergoing and at the same time sharpening your talent.
Try to know your limits. Is that really your problem? Is it meant for you? If not then leave it alone. If you believe that he/she was not meant for you, then stop following him/her. Stop tormenting yourself by rehearsing on issues already settled, making the scrupulous conscience controlling you is doing more harm than just harm to yourself. Be realistic with life and try to accept things the way they are supposed to be understood. Learn to accept what is, for now, until a time when you can change things. Go facts with life.
Become comfortable, as the situation will allow. Wear comfortable clothing and apply your favorite perfume. This will all reduce the mental pressure you might be experiencing as an individual. Never wait until the discomfort turns into a real problem. Get relaxed.
Some recommended activities in relieving oneself from stress are; laughing, crying, walking, watching moves, listening to music and getting to know new things. Having all this in your account can impact positively in leading a stress free life under a very stressful world.
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