By Zack Omondi

It sounds enigmatic and quite unthinkable as to why women are attracted more to the jerks than the good guys in choosing for a date partner for a reason them themselves will be able to explain it better. This is not to say that someone is either lamenting, being in forlornness or envious in a way simply because he is a good guy, but just an evaluation of facts. First, lets take a look on some of the peculiarity of good guys and see what they possess. They are confident, assertive, leaders, in control, an evoker of positive emotions, dominant, untameable (his own person) and independent. It really sounds correct and eligible for a young lady to find her luck in, contrary, this is not the case as most of these ladies go for men who are arrogant, aggressive, selfish, controlling, domineering, a pimp of emotions based on negativity like drunkenness, co-dependent and not defined in the sense that he does not know who really he is. Compare with the Campus context then ask them if that is true.

So is being called a “nice guy” a complement or a curse?

Not thinking but in a state of mental acceptance of a claim to be true based on the sincerity and authority of the source, I believe it (being a nice guy) serves both. Okay, why then being called a nice guy a complement? I believe this is a good element of one being himself and doing things out of defined principles that I am doing the right thing to achieve. Some women (not implying that they are women from the church or those from strict homes) like good guys. Being nice in the first place then is the speak of being a constellation of traits that prioritize kindness, conscientiousness, warmth, and respect. This is what it means having a sound character and deserving a complement.

When it comes to romance, being a “nice guy” takes another definition – that is, when she calls you a “nice guy” is it that you are needy, weak, predictable, boring, inexperienced and unattractive? If the rejoinder is Yes, then thats what it mean by it (being a nice guy) is a curse. So which is which? Ask the ladies.

Research from different sources states that the nice guy approach works best for women over the age of 25 years but for girls in the 17-24 year range, try being more aloof and complimenting a little less often; this is something to campus guys, I don’t know if its true, confirm with the ladies. H aha ha… makes me laugh. To make the topic more hot sauce, there are physical attributes that most women look for in men and just highlighting, we have, Sense of style (30%), Handsome face(26%), Height (15%), Muscular build (13%) and fitness (12%). Hows that!? Making it more practical, the practical skills they look for are Listening (53%), Romancing (48%), Being good in bed (35%), Cooking and cleaning (23%) and Earning potential (21%). To be frank I am only good in the 23% of that in the list, but Ask them if its true.

Anyway I am enjoy writing this piece but finding it so abash because I might be that good guy. Luckily the paradox on how women choose their date depends on one in particular but not in general, so for the good guys and the “jerks” its not a big deal. The issue of concern is that are you that guy who is generous, confident, having passion, having intellect or portraying sense of humor? go for them then wait for things to try and work if it will.

The paradox will remain in them(women) but the ball on our side (men).


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