By Vera Chepkorir

{…we should have some sense of  conscientiousness when it comes to hygiene.}

Many say cleanliness is next to Godliness, but I wonder whether this is the case in this varsity with a difference. Maybe I will do you the honors of defining what hygiene is – a set of practices performed for the preservation of health. Yes, both personal and communal health matters.

Am appalled no one seems to be concerned, or am I being over-cautious? I am a clean-freak. A hygienic environment perhaps to me, is the unsurpassed gift one can ever offer. The corridors, the pavements, the floors, our rooms, ablution blocks, do not forget the ever-green charming grass! All these make up our environment, yet human beings will never mind its sanitation

Last week on my way to my premises in hostel K, after that interesting Literature class, I took time to monitor the compound. Just gazing vaguely at the ground to administer what kind of litters. In a spur of a moment, I just witnessed this good-looking sharply dressed gentleman – I mean a khaki suit well-blended with a bow- tie, well-polished unsullied sharp-shooters. He gently wrapped a banana-peel in a paper and literally dropped it down at the pavements. What disgusted me is the fact that the dustbin stood erect barely a meter away, marked “please use me.” He hurriedly walked away. I reckon he was late for his class

Now, I am going to the ladies, pressed to the brim, and the best thing is to respond to the “call of nature” as many would put it. I knocked at the door to behave modestly – something not common to many. After five minutes of my patience, the door unveiled a very stunning lady, posh outfit, and well over-done make up. I hurriedly stormed in to relieve myself, but good heavens! I just made a quick reverse-step after the yuck-sight – do not get surprised by the fact that some ladies at this age still use the toilet as the rento-kills!

What I am insinuating is, we should have some sense of conscientiousness when it comes to hygiene. Conscience is what I learn in my C.R.E class back in high school – a sense of right and wrong no matter where you are, and whom you are with. You don’t have to be monitored when it comes to issues concerning sanitation. Well, we may consider personal cleanliness – as of high regard – but do we ever replicate the same to our surrounding?

The hygienic conditions in the campus have drastically deteriorated; the blocked kitchen sinks, the leaking ablution pipes, the leaking sewage, you can name them all. You will bear me witness that some Soweto hostels are no-go zone, I mean a place where you are constantly welcomed by a concentrated, horrid stinky smell. It is not amusing at all when people cannot take charge of the most controversial issue that is imperative in healthy-living.

Is it upon the M.U.S.O health director, the administration or you to take charge of cleanliness? I mean who is totally failing? Let us stop this blame game and act responsibly.


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