By Zack Omondi

…The culture of an intellectual was connected and deeply rooted with the campus life. Has that legacy lived to evolved into some awkward way of life?

For decades, universities have been beautified with all sorts of comments being that it produces people armed with moral behaviors and abilities to completely camouflage in the society for the good part of it. Elites of all kinds were created and nurtured here; being morally upright and sound both in mind and heart, always with ideas to help problems affecting the society.

The travesty that has been allowed to muddy and distort the actual behavior of an intellectual is taking course by storm. Education in campus has been simplified to simply finishing one’s degree program and graduating for later financial stability: exacerbating the importance of being educated to merely being a scholar. Ladies and gentlemen in campus are engaged in all sorts of funny behaviors and mischief that brings many to the whelm of doubt as to whether we are ready to identify ourselves with a course for the betterment of our society; being the true call of University Education. We are supposed to try at least for once and listen to the true sense in us, that we are here not just to have concepts and being feared in terms of what we have acquired in class or lecture halls but to be molded into holistic individuals who are ready to be absorbed with the society and to act as role models in the way we carry ourselves. After all it’s true that we have three forms of education that we must inculcate in us; being that we acquire one in relating with others.

Reverberating through history, there was a time when people mingled freely in campus regardless of one’s ethnic background, religion, social status or the faculty one is from. There was a time back then when you will greet someone and you expect an immediate reply because everyone mattered to him/her. Today in campus, those harmonious interactions have been hypnotized with ethnic extent and tribal cocoons. Where is that long-gone legacy? People developing qualms as to whether to greet someone because of the contextual outlook or the phone that one has make his/her next companion. Is this the culture that was back then? Is this the path that universities is destined for?

I vividly remember in first year that, today the University Education has failed to produce work-oriented individuals who are ready to serve but not work. Not saying that I am advocating for only volunteering jobs, but to work not being influenced with the incentives or remunerations that come along the way; being always ready to give back to the society. Someone once told me that some courses have nothing fleshy to offer in the job market driving the point home that; we are in campus to so as to get well-paying job thereafter. Money has been prioritized over everything, and it is important to underline that Money knows no Direction; therefore follow it and you might end up in murder cases, curses, jail, cults and other death-defying situations.

Last but not least, the act of being proactive has been for long portrayed by most university graduates. Acting wisely and understanding more responsibilities than rights. Controlling thy emotions and if circumstances take control, then they intelligently convert acute emotions like despair into more useful ones like getting to know more people. Contrary, many campus elites have rather chosen to be reactive and portraying acts that indicate weakness, where we assure ourselves as being a sign of strength. I have come to certify that having more rights, then more likely is someone going to infringe upon them. We as elites have focused more on the rights rather than the responsibilities bestowed to us and that is where we have destined the university cycle of education, producing thereby strike-afflicted individuals who are ready to obfuscate others’ rights for the sake of one’s right. That is the reason why we have more deaths that would rather have been prevented, being self-centered and allowing our emotions to ride us. We have replaced the art of being proactive with being reactive, not weighing alternatives then acting wisely to have a culture where we don’t regret after any actions that we engage ourselves in.

The culture of an intellectual was connected and deeply rooted with the campus life. Has that legacy lived to evolved into some awkward way of life where the good to others and respect to humanity has equivocated just for the sake of our selfish innate desires? Is this it? Is this what the society is destined for as far as our University Education are concerned?

(THE ARTICLE FEATURES ON THE NEW ISSUE OF “The Glory Magazine” – A publication of Moi University Christian Union).

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