By Gerald Wambua

When you get to 25 it is an amazing time. You usually have accomplished a lot. The time is simply amazing with many coming to help you celebrate. An year is not short at all, in one year you do loads, achieve a lot and change in a really great way. When you turn an year older then you realize you are not the same person you were an year ago. You look at things that you used to do the previous year and you are like “Am really going places in life.”
It is one thing to turn 25 years old and another to spend 25 years doing the same thing or in the same place/job. Growing old is bound to happen that is if you don’t die. Working in one place has loads of challenges that you have to face each day. Challenge after challenge, day in day out without giving up now that is an amazing achievement for any lad to accomplish.
This weekend the Bishop of Eldoret or should I call him our Cornelius got to celebrate his 25th anniversary. I guess the term they used was silver anniversary, why silver i don’t really know guess we all found it that way. Here is where it gets interesting, he has been the Bishop of Eldoret the whole time. No transfers, no backing out or complaining he is tired. Do you know what it takes to be a priest leave alone being a bishop. You have to be spiritually ready to help people who have no idea who God is. Be on the run helping lads who really need to be  united with Our Father before they leave us and so much more.
As if not enough you have to oversee how your diocese is run and allocate cash and make sure it is used well. While doing all this you have to keep your political interests at bay, balance your family life because Bishops are people too and above all fight the devil in all ways possible. For a moment there i think that’s why bishops have white hair but still look amazing. Guess working for the Lord has its own pros.
Saturday was just an amazing day. People came out in large numbers to celebrate the service the bishop has done. From the former president Hon. Daniel Toroitich arap Moi, deputy president Hon William Ruto to members of parliament from all over the celebration was just packed. Bishop Cornelius was the chief celebrant of mass but on his side were several of his fellow bishops, i started counting the priests around and kept getting lost for they were flocking and then came the sisters and brothers who were seriously uncountable.
I am a staunch Catholic, double that up with the fact that i attended a seminary but honestly speaking i have never known the many types of nuns and sisters. From those that have brown attires to those who wear blue,  i have even seen some with white clothes and the famous ones with black clothing. Everyone was in their best attire trust me you could see the ironing on the clothes even late into the ceremony. The day was perfectly a success with God holding off the clouds and letting no rain pour. My best part of the celebration came at the end of the mass. Catholics have a thanks giving song just before the final blessing.
To start with the song was new to my ears but still rocked my insides. Just before it begun a priest gave a warning. “If you have nothing to thank God for stay seated during this song.” That statement didn’t make sense to me. If you heard how the choir started the song no one would have remained seated.
In front of the dias only PMC kids were dancing during mass but when the Thanksgiving song started i didn’t know where people came from. The whole ground was filled, from small children, high schoolers members of the clergy to old men and women everybody wanted to shake what God had given them. This is when i realized the spirit of the Lord surely does descend on God’s people. There was no dance style i didn’t see down there. From synchronized dance to random dancers who had their own invented styles, everybody had a reason to dance to their God.
I did not stay to catch the rest of the celebrations but am pretty sure it was a blast. I wish Bishop Cornelius Kipnge’no arap Korir the very best as he celebrates the time God has given him of service. I am very hopeful that very soon (when am almost 50) we will meet again to celebrate his 50th anniversary. I still can’t believe he started working in Eldoret before i was born. May God shower His blessings on you Bishop. “Our Cornelius”.

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