Kisumu MCAs demand Sh700m to fund ward projects

MCAs in Kisumu are now demanding Sh700 million to fund development in their wards.

The county budget committee is currently scrutinising the request before debate next week.

The county representatives on Monday said the money, which would be divided among the 35 wards, would be used as part of equalisation funds to spur development.

Leader of Majority Marlin Atieno and East Seme MCA Aggrey Ogosi of East Seme said the funds would come from the development budget.

“We would have wished that the cash be increased to Sh100 million, up from the proposed Sh20 million for each ward” said Ms Atieno.

Mr Ogosi said the initial Sh250 million given to them was inadequate to fund all the key projects in the wards.



The MCAs’ demand, however, will likely attract backlash from the Controller of Budget and the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) who are against reps handling development funds. They want them to stick to their oversight role.

CIC Chairman Charles Nyachae said the role of Members of Parliament and ward reps is to ensure that funds are used well by the two levels of government. This, he said, could only be achieved if they focus on their duties, instead of implementing projects.

“MCAs should align any existing or proposed Ward Development Funds to the Constitution,” said Mr Nyachae in a statement last year during the Budget making process.

But Mr Ogosi said the money to be set aside in the budget under review, is aimed at promoting development to equal levels in the wards.

“We want equalisation funds given to all our wards, and to do that, we have suggested that we each ward be given Sh20 million,” he said.

The county budget for the year 2015/16 financial year is currently at the committee stage and will be tabled for debate in the House mid this week.

According to Ms Atieno, the proposed funds are a 10 per cent of all development monies allocated by the executive for projects.

(Obtained from The Daily Nation Online Platform)

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