By Geldine Kageni

I smile every time I see
How happy we are,
Thinking we have forever.
But, that was yesterday!

Now, maybe too late,
I can suddenly see,
It was just a wish
Made on a star that never fell,
A fairly tale that never happens,
The view of earth from a clip or,
The beauty of a free butterfly.

The memories we created together
Wishes to see each other’s grey hair
‘The happy ever after’ hope
Our similar fantasies,
Laughter at our stupid jokes
How Completed each other’s sentences,
And, was that envy of our friends’ eyes?

Those long walks under moonlight and
Those stars of passion in your eyes,
When you kissed like you meant it…
The horizon was nearer with you
And the hard looked easy
Because we both believed
‘Two are always better than one’

I couldn’t define my own feelings
And I cared less because,
Gee! I had found the one for me
One who could understand better?
And filled my blank spaces.
One with and for whom I could do anything.
Because I trusted him with my life.

Now I know,
Fairly tales belong to Walt Disney
And a bird’s poop can’t be a luck sign
As a falling leaf isn’t a sign of hope
Or a buzzing bee sign of visitors
And an itchy palm means way to richness.
So is my heart as dead.

It’s all clear,
I gave my heart to the heartbroken
Hoping to mend it whole again
Only to have my own pieces!

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