Come on, I’m truly valuable

By Benjamin Marani

Now picture this; you are leading a fellowship or a certain meeting in which prominent people have attended. They are attentively listening to you, closely following your presentation. All the present eyes are glued on you. Then accidentally, something blocks your nose and you begin sneezing, mucus starts running down your nose. You reach out for your hanky in your pockets but alas! It is not there.
Everybody is watching you. How would you feel? Realize that a hanky only costs 20bob or 30bob, at most 50bob. That’s when you realize that even mediocre things can help sometimes. Maybe you only forgot to carry it or you deliberately ignored it.
OK, In life, we live with people and we take them for granted in most cases. For that reason, we take them to be mundane, cheap like that handkerchief. Rarely do we think about or put them into consideration in our engagements.
However, there comes a time when we lose them. That is when we it dawns on us how valuable they would have been if they were around. We start feeling the emptiness they leave behind. Therefore, you who’s reading this, don’t take those around you for granted. Instead, thank God always for giving you such people. Pray, provide love, help them (where you can) and they will be thankful. And you can count blessings for doing this, you know.
To have a husband, a wife, a girlfriend, boyfriend, a relation, neighbor; anybody is obvious but it’s God’s doing. Think of that prisoner in a secluded cell by him/herself, the only dialogue therein is internal monologue; pure solitude.
There are people God gave is to live with just for a short time and they are gone. So you never can tell whether the people you’re taking for granted, abhorring, ignoring, neglecting, e.t.c, are on their way saying ‘goodbye’ never to interact again…
To nutshell everything, consider the people around you as valuable gifts from God. Before it is too late to regret it, value them. It is only when you lose something that you know how valuable, how precious that thing was.
And finally, for those aspiring for various posts in M.U.S.O elections which are in the offing, all the best. You lose, accept and move on, for there is always tomorrow; you win, well and good, work on your policies. For those who will take part in the elections, be guided by your senses, do not do it obnoxiously. Shun cantankerous behavior+. Remember we need one another. Till then, have an awesome week, superb lectures, and wonderful everything, won’t you?


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