By Zack Omondi

“Isn’t this Joseph’s son? The boy who grew as we watched him here in Nazareth?” The Pharisees said whenever Jesus was on his mission on earth.
Molded you were eccentrically to fit in that shoes you are wearing and there are many reasons behind you being you; that’s why you are exceptional. They might be wondering as to why you are not like them, why you are different yet you are from the same neighborhood and sharing the same ancestry. To them it sounds queer as to why the person they played with childhood games stands out so different from them, and what they thought you were is not making sense either. Then you can now get the insight as to why you are exceptional.
Nature holds that people will expect something from you, they have a definition set aside for you plus they have their own perception of who you are to them. It is normal when you get wondering as to why they don’t understand you yet to you it seems so simple. Live knowing that that is the art of life, which calls for your wise perspective to analyze situations and getting to realize that you have a life to lead, an example to set, a mission to accomplish and a challenge to tackle so long as you go with your own definition, the definition God made it set for your life, the definite definition that you are exceptional and living a life unique from everyone’s else.
Talking to YOU, we need to set things right and evaluate facts with us – that you are the only unique person who was bestowed that gift to live the life you are living. You need to underline the sense that it’s not a matter of ‘them’ but ‘You’. No matter how feared or ‘hated’ the lion is, it still remains the king of the jungle and it has to hunt for its cubes – it is not your worth to accommodate what others substantiate about who you actually are or what you ought to mean to them but have in mind that the most important of it all is: you still remain the master of your destiny and you have a life to make it worth living for.
Find a place and redefine the great masterpiece behind the person they find it hard to understand – not the literal way but as to why you are you and not the way they expect. Take the pilot’s seat and fly to the right destination God destined you for and of course with the perfect map He designed specifically for your flight-journey. Have your thesis clearly outlined about yourself confined to you and your creator, then live purposefully to defend it because it’s what’s worth you.
That is why they fabricated stories and came up with all sorts of ‘crap’ so as to get to define who Jesus was, but they never got to. He was simply exceptional: and so is You.

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