By Fridah Simiyu

Battles are over, what do you have to do? Fight. Fight like you have to kill three lions using one arrow. Like you are waiting to be pronounced a hero, with a prince or a princess as a reward.

People are fighters if they are able to go against all odds and make it to the end still strong. Though I know it is not easy to emerge victorious always. But what makes one see himself as a victor even if they dint win is the aspect of taking courage and trying. At times we have to say “God knows I tried my level best.” That is if everything goes apart.
We call them “the strong”,
fighters. Believe me it is not
always easy for them. Imagine a bridge on the road. How many people, motor vehicles, motorcycles use a bridge? Heavy commercial vehicles weighing tones. All these have to cross through the bridge to reach the other side of the ridge. The bridge would never want to show its weaknesses, any cracks at the edges or loose ends; just because people will then stop trusting in the bridge to get them to the other end. But then see the loose bridge will fall with them into the running
A fighter is like this bridge which has to carry a lot as a channel. They would never want to loose ends at any point. Enduring all the pressures applied to them by weights. Not wishing to fall down alone or with someone. Their only aim being to carry on. Having too much leaning on them. Preventing walls falling from the sides from coming down on them.

But who will ever come to my rescue? Carry me when I feel like falling down? Do you ever see any weaknesses in me as a human? Any points where am going loose and maybe near to falling down. Or is it only God and my
conscience that tell me I can make it? And the spirit of carrying on that drives me always.
At the end they may lose hope with everything except themselves. And conclude that something failed them and not themselves that failed. Keep on moving until when anyone will see your weakness and come to your rescue. To help you rise when you are falling down. As Michael Bolton says, “We all need someone to lean on.”

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