By Geldine Kageni

Ever done something and wondered ‘why did I do it?’ well, I’ve had a couple of those ‘why?’ moments and trust me, they’re those I like to think as some crazy nightmares that I’ll never sleep to.

Guess you know what I’m talking about. Like, take this…this simple CAT…now when I say cheap I really mean it. The one you’d like to get100% because less is… is what anyway? then you see this question you’d read like 30minutes earlier. You crack your mind the hundredth time and you get the clue but there’s a scientific term you’re not sure of no matter how hard you try. Then it hits you…the rough notes you had are somewhere around. Listening to the brilliant greedy you, you fish them out. Just one problem now. You can’t remember which paper you wrote on. So you arrange them all on the desk and just when you think you’ve seen it, a figure is snatching them from you. Everything happens so fast that the next thing you know is your answer sheet is full of red ink with things like ‘cheating, caught by*** evidence attached’. From a distance you hear a threatening tone and the only words you grasp are ‘senate and disciplinary’. Sitting still you don’t even notice you’re the only person left in the room and someone is asking you questions like ‘why did you do it?’ the kind that you can’t even answer to yourself. You’re in the dark and no idea of what’s cooking, or when it’s gonna be served.

With unknown fate and guilt filled, you can’t even look at the mirror and think, I’m proud of myself, I’m being what I should be or ,I’m doing my best’ deep inside you want to believe otherwise but, who are you kidding? The question still remains… why? Come on, I mean it’s just two marks and you had the clue worth a mark, if not half.

You know, Life can’t be funnier… or can somebody please tell me Why do we have to make triangles when circles are simpler? Why are we willing to do anything and everything it takes to have just a little more of what we already have? Sometimes we honestly don’t need the extra credit because what we have is enough. Sorry, I still can’t answer… why?

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