By John Bosco

Since 2011 Kenya has experienced an upsurge in violent terrorist attacks, especially to the northern region of Kenya; Garissa and its environs. A region that has been marginalized ever since by the successive presidents, that employees in most cases refuse to go work there. There is limited access to basic social services such as health care, education and transport. The current insecurity situation has now worsened the state of northern Kenya.
Reliable sources have it that the recent attacks in Garissa were known beforehand. One of the students who survived the ordeal said that on Wednesday morning there was a notice that the school would be attacked by terrorist any day from then. Being 1st April students and staff took it as just a mere dark fool’s day writing. The us and Britain had few weeks earlier warned its citizen from visiting Garissa and its environs.
The bitter part of it is a police source had it that the Kenya authorities had beforehand intelligence that a university in Garissa could be attacked, yet the country’s response team was stuck in Nairobi hours even after the massacre awaiting transport. They arrived in the university almost 7 hours late thus giving more time for the scores of people dead to rise. Some Kenyans politicians and journalist based in Nairobi arrived before the response team did yet they had the information beforehand. Many of us are left questioning the competent of our intelligent service response unit.
The terrorist attacks have become norms in the region and that should have prompt the government to stay vigilant and provide adequate security to its residence, but our government has proved itself to act after and not beforehand. The measures put after have borne little fruits but in most cases destruction and disturbance to society tranquility. On 20th November 2012 when 3 people were killed and 1 wounded in Kenyatta Street in Garissa, KDF were deployed to the venue. They burned down a local market and left one woman dead and other 45 people wounded. The rampage cost entrepreneurs 1.5 billion by estimate.
Our government has got to pull up its socks on security matters. Operation Linda nchi should go on both internally and externally. Our security authorities should now hunt down and plan more search on places suspected to be habitat to terrorists. Fight against terrorist is an everyday affair ant our government should now concentrate more on security of its citizens.
May the souls of the departed rest in eternal peace. AMEN.

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