“We are all business cards and the way we dress is simply how we first introduce ourselves to the world”

We are judged most by how we look, before the content in our head is known. Impression matters before everything.

Conventionally, “manners maketh a man”; in the words of Derek Bbanga, “shoes maketh a man.”

“70% of that first impression is on how you look, or simply how you are dressed; while 20% will be based on how you carry yourself and the rest (10%) will be judged on what you say.” The actual reverse of what majority of us would have always thought; waiting for a chance to speak just to make an impression of who we are.

Assuming you’re attending an interviewer a high profile networking event with VIPs, potential employers; People you find on Business Boards, Interview Panels, Company Top Decision makers or simply individuals concerned with image management.

For an individual like I, who doesn’t fall in that VIP quarter, and my presence here is through the courtesy of some sympathy invitation, all you (I) have to do is to try as much as possible to fit in.

In reference to the above scenario, what would you want the audience to think of you (possibly in three words):

When you get into the venue

When you leave the venue

WHEN YOU ENTER THE VENUE, you have little control on what they should judge as per the content on your head. It is what they see that matters; your dressing, walking and posture will take it all.


Hereby means you have had the opportunity to sit somewhere next to someone. Because you are not the main speaker, you haven’t held the mic, so the audience still don’t know the content of your head, neither the deep English accent you possess. Judgment will be based on your acts; how you pulled the chair, how you sat, what posture you took and how comfortable and confident you looked in there.

Thus it brings us to the discussion that “image matters most.” The same concept may more or less be applicable in an interview scenario. How you are dressed and how you carry yourself into an interview room will partially form a pre-judgment on the interviewers’ heads right before they ask you questions. Not bad to say, human beings are judgmental. You’ll know you are dealing with an intelligent person when he’s dressed and has posed as one. When he’s not, there’s a lot to discredit, even if it sounds genuine.


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