By Zack Omondi

Imagine having a stride along a garden planted with all sorts of beautiful flowers you can ever think of. How sweet is it to the scent of a rose flower right at the tip of your nostril. That’s the beauty of having things beautiful right from the start – very simple.

Vunja mifupa kama bado meno iko is a Kiswahili proverb that means enjoy your youthful days for you only live once. It’s the perfect setting – right here in campus – than any other place where you have the privilege to enjoy the worth pristine gift given to us by our Creator. There is no any other setting where a chance like this will be granted to us to make the rest of our living after our four or five year course in this environment. So go out there and make everything enjoyable because you already have the playground.

Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have because the how rich we are lies in between our boundaries. What you never had or have will never make you happy until you have it – because all you will be thinking of is worrying about it. There are people that God created specifically to make you happy, same to others who were created to make you stronger. Hang out with your friends, hold a bash (of your kind) with them and yes you are doing it. Have a moment to share your life experiences with them and get to know how life itself is diversified – because that’s the beauty of socialization. Create more friends meanwhile and expand your horizon of thought.

Join a club, movement or association of your choice. Enjoy doing what you like and discover also how talented you are. You will get busy that you even cannot have time to accommodate any opinions that others have substantiate about you. Life is so special that what others think of you will never meet the threshold standards of it, it’s so great that you will keep on growing when all that matters is how great God created us and how unique we are – because we are that special since the day we were born.

Become open-minded as we live by the voice of reason inside us. Try something new each day and for once becoming a little finicky to the composition of life which constitutes its beauty. Realize how worthy you are to make progress every time we have set a goal to achieve – because for us to be successful we have to know how worthy we are first. Go beyond borders and challenge yourself to try something big, make a goal(s) for yourself and strategize on how you are going to work tirelessly to achieve it/them – because its part and parcel of you to becoming great each time you challenge yourself.

Beautify your world because God has already given you all the necessities that you need. Think big, act smart always and appreciate what is around you to make it work. All that matters is to make your world beautiful.


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