By Zack Omondi

The lives our grandparents lived compared to the current lifestyle today, which do we say agrees to the term civilization? It thrills me with enigma getting into thinking whether our lives today get the credit of civilization or we are simply dwindling in the quagmire of superficial projection.

Civilization as a term embryos a deeper meaning to how an holistic kind of an individual should strive at living – the way the Kenyan Education aims at producing these kind of intellects who are ready to be absorbed by the society hereafter coumerflage with for the positive side of it; talking of the human kind who is driven by the good-will and motive to change, channeling their negative emotions into useful actions. So who is this civilized one?

Not only does it count landing to campus because there are still sums to be solved. How we get molded into all-round individuals who are ready to act rather than placing themselves in centers of controversies – not all about swiping the latest phones in the market, moving the crowd or how we wear that defines how civilized we are, but much deeper per say.

Claiming that we have taken the world into a whole new level when the reality that lags is; we are simply advancing things and innovations is something funny. The aspect of discovery was a tune of the past – the era of our fore-fathers – and it has no connection with truth behind civilization. Calling a spade a spade, we are simply advancing what was already innovated so no candid relation with us being civilized.

How do I wear? How do I reason? What of my nutrition, spirituality, my social perspective? How do I handle my emotions and the credibility of my senses? Does exposing my body to risks of getting cancer through the unhealthy food you stuff in your digestion makes you more civilized? If then my perception exposes me as an introvert, then compare the rate at which cancer is affecting our society today than before. If it seems that as a writer, my agility is so archaic, then why are we crying of corruption in every corner of our society and deadly diseases taking more youths to graves so rapid compared to times back?

I believe that my grandma was much more civilized than me when she accorded life with all the sacred respect it deserves and the thing that always comes to my mind is Yes to abortion sometimes. Jack (parody) my classmate is far much better than his grandpa when he is busy copying during a common course paper and Professor Jesse (not real name) his grandfather never even used a calculator in his 1971 Statistics Paper to acquire his first degree. Frankly, we are actually getting it wrong from the start and further adding insults to injury. We are busy asking Is it right for us? Yet we are forgetting to question Is it morally right or wrong?

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