By Zack Omondi

Who ever thought of US having an African-American president, when Rose Parks refused to obey bus driver James F. Blake‘s order to give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger, after the white section was filled?; on the basis she was of a lesser value. Who would imagine of the birth of FredEx (using airports at night) when Fred Smith was failed by his professor after presenting his thesis on the probability of having night-hours airports delivery and flights to reduce congestion? The answer was right at the disposal; keep walking as Johnny Walker said.

As part of the journey, we experience obstacles that deter us from what we had planned to achieve. Talking of people who drive a wedge in between us and the strategies laid down for the tussle, we have to experience them in the long run – after all it will not be worth the fight if we don’t face them. How do we pro-act to people whom make us feel of lesser value if not making ourselves of use to them? The usefulness of the small finger will not be realized only after it is chopped, and that’s what experience has taught most successful people who managed the walk.

Temptations are special treats God gives to his special people (a famous quote within the Christian family) and so you can have some bragging rights from this perspective. Christ underwent a series of test after the forty days of fasting but still managed the scrapple. He still resurrected on the third day after the hard times through the ‘frenzied’ Israelites. Christ kept walking for he knew a glorious prospect was ahead.

Make intelligent deposits and cultivate your mind to reap a harvest of your lifetime. The journey to a bountiful harvest that usually entails hurls of disappointments, require our pro action in the sense of what we feed our mind and in the course, react to the situation(s) at hand. If Smith would have given up by the censure from the professor, the ultimate vacillate would be the impossibility to have a night flight not imagining of the mammoth congestion in the airports. He went on, did research and took the disapproval as a flange to making his idea come into reality. What transpired in the bus on December 1, 1955 in Alabama (Montgomery), gave the ‘blacks’ a rejuvenated spirit towards their brawl to equality in the US. So, how we feed our mind with the situation at hand always impinge on our journey towards making our dream(s) come true.

How beautiful is it though tough to this athlete who faints meters away to the finish line, crawls his/her way to the finishing a champion? Usually, that’s how the journey is. The athlete might be the leading one but if he/she gives up, the others will do make it. It neither counts when you give up at the finishing line nor lurch to the fact that you fainted. Its either you triumph or win the race. As T.D Jakes puts it, “you either fight for your territory or defend what is yours” by always keeping the walk not giving up to any hurdles on the way – affixing to Johnny Walker’s acumen.

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