By William Dekker


Somebody will argue that today’s is modern Christianity. Point of correction; in Christianity, there’s no modernity. You either Christian or belong to something else.

Since the days of Moses, Noah and Abraham, the “word” has not changed. Same old rules, same principles of age.

Now back to the “modern singer”; I’ll dispel her in all aspects including the trade name “Size 8”, Later on. Thats trivial, let me begin with important ones first.

Linet Munyali, as her real name goes is one lady whose sudden shift from Secular to gospel rose criticism which we can’t authenticate. Anyway there’s no smoke without fire. If you don’t believe, consider “DNA’s” scenario, the guy only confirmed our fears. He didn’t live wholly on this “other side of showbiz”. Friends the gospel realm is complex unlike the secular world.

I know am not alone in my thoughts especially when it comes to digging through the music of this particular lady. Consider below:

First of all; the message; I don’t get it right. Her first song “Mateke” portrayed Jesus as a violent personality a concept that I’ve never learn anyway since my childhood days of Sunday School. “Yesu amempiga shetani mateke”; surely? Leave that to the heaven’s army of Angels; Archangel Michael; Uriel, Raphael and the ilk. In fact one most violent Angels, Uriel was removed from the list of officially recognized angels. He was associated with fire, thunder, destruction and punishment. The reverse is true for Jesus; he is humbly, kind, merciful, forgiving and modest.

Oh! And remember that is the full-time chorus while the stanzas are purely self-talk. Demystifying herself, her past and perceptions of people towards her. In summary, the full song goes for 4.5 minutes without inculcating any Christian values to the listener. Noted.

Even before the skepticism has died away, she’s up with another one “moto wa yesu” or something. Am not sure of the exact title though am convinced beyond measure that the song is meant to be a replica of the other one she sang during her days of “blaah blaah”. The song has been given a secular tint just to make it get to the list of “hit songs”. The message is unclear, confusing and uprightly shallow. So what about she “washaring moto wa Yesu”? How? On what grounds? For what then? OK I sound with feelings but the fact is that am perturbed, how does the song get classified as spiritual in whatever aspect. Its my honest belief that the lady would still do well in the secular field even with the same songs and companies like Safaricom would still hire her for Promos, Roadshows, “niko na Safaricom” among others. She belonged there. Forget about the illuminati grapevine, nobody can prove it even discretely, especially Kenyans and who only do well on rumor grounds.

Away from the lines, onto the videos. Any sober analyst would tell you a lot is wrong with her song clips; from the locations of shooting, the dance flairs and skimpy dress codes. Trust me, I can’t sit down with my mum on a Sunday afternoon and watch together. Don’t mention the embarrassment, its always tragic. I’m not “modern”, so you know the gap between me and the older folk. Ancient terminology describes it as “respect”.

Finally; the Eastland homegrown star still uses the alias name “Size 8” as much as she claims moral transformation. People, you’ll agree with me to what extent the name is “suggestive”. In street dialect, the conceptualization of the name is vivid. It’s a description to a woman’s morphology; shape of curvature that is considered ideal or perfect for the eye. Remember this is centered around the hips as it revolves to wherever…***. So tell me, what comes to the mind on that slightest mention? That the woman is “bodily endowed”. Then what next? Its not hard to figure out a man’s thoughts, I live it to you.

That’s your singer for you. Perhaps the award winning gospel DJ Mo will try his best to mentor his “girlfriend” appropriately, but meanwhile I remain skeptical of her trends. Who are we to judge? Who am I to? That’s why I don’t question her character (everyone has) but see her music from another angle. Maybe she’s just a better Celebrity from another angle; a singer (of another genre) who can work up a concert crowd for several hours non-stop; a sexy model she has been; cover-page girl; a lousy Ms.Rose Lawama, the Mashtaka actor she has been etc. Irrelevance is what we all avoid.


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