That Milk, the actual milk

By Caleb Kiprotich

Is transparency valued in all businesses? This has just triggered my psyche after incessant complaints over milk in this campus. The students in campus are experiencing a quandary situation in buying milk. The issue is that the milk is being diluted with water. Those who normally buy milk at either: stage, near megabytes or near hostels K, L and M are seriously complaining over the issue. Some students have been underprivileged to buy due to this fundamental reality.

Do I really need to add water while preparing tea?” One of the residents in Hostel A pleaded. Besides such questions lingering in peoples mind, one cannot buy this milk on a daily basis. If it could be for free then the fact could have been that ‘beggars can’t be choosers’. For this case, choosing is indispensable. Those selling milk in the morning and evening always return home with their buckets empty. The demand is high hence the students just purchase it despite complaining. There is no option. If there is one who sells the milk which has not been ‘impeded’, then he/she is the best option for all students-The one eyed in the blind is the king.

The disappointments have brought miscellaneous thoughts on how the issue is going to be solved. Furthermore, many comrades are expecting enough and quality milk to be sold in campus since the main economic activity for people around campus is agriculture including livestock keeping. The hoping for the best by all should be in line with their expectations. “Milk sold at mabs is better compared to those at stage and other places inside campus”, the resident in C Houses argued. This implies that the demand is proportional to the services offered and quality of milk. There are few people who can access the milk sold at mabs daily. It is evident that whether the milk is diluted or not, it must be sold and therefore no doubt for those who sell. If the reason for one doing this is to get more money, then no need to get embarrassed when termed ‘greedy’. Even though the students can still survive without milk, there is need for offering quality products to them. I approached one of the sellers of milk at stage and I conversed with her. She assured that the cries over the dilution of milk using water are very true, that some actually add water before they sell. She further said that she also used to buy from another person and sell at stage but she realized later that it was being diluted. “Nakamua yangu siku hisi na siongezi maji kama wengine” the woman alleged. Those businesswomen are actually doing great for spending their most time to offer services to students. Some ought to change their attitudes on the quality of goods they provide. Their goods need to be competitive as others.

But above all, in their business, they have to practice the best policy-‘honest’.



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