The Icing and the Cake

By Zack Omondi

In the case of a cake, we are on pact that there is the  icing and the real thing. The cream and the content when we are inferring to milk or the appearance and the engine itself for cars. The two buttresses each other. Just inculcating some palpable sense in you, my dearest reader – but which is which.

I happened to be watching a certain horror movie times back, and there goes a very beautiful mansion that these cynical and daring group of young couples are determined to explore – a castle whose dwellers are these dangerous creatures. We have double-branding, a personality and a character, so my thoughts today on this publication.

“To me, she was that kind of an ideal person I fancied right since the conception of our relationship; that perfect package sent to me from ethers,” says Steve (parody). My outlook about love and relationships turned out to be spurious. “It’s usually fun when you are in the love-affair ‘thing’ but it became harsh when I was the only one taking it seriously,” chanted my classmate along the Academic Highway. It’s a sweet and a sour  experience, for you have this up-to-date guy on how to romance or maybe who will satisfy you in all aspects be it provision, profession and protection and yeah, she is the most beautiful lady in the context. What is this hidden to come undone? The way Valentine* dirges, “Who is she? To be frank, I don’t understand him.”

On identifying a love-partner, not an expert but saying the truth – it all depends with you. Well, it’s not that easy starting all over again – trying to recollect the broken pieces. A cake can be considered a cake without the icing – home scientists to confirm my                    conviction or if milk with the cream alone. Character is what defines a partner, not personality alone. Is she honest, happy, genuine or of integrity? Is he smart, handsome, extrovert or of passion towards something? Chances are that a genuine friend will be frank and tell you gears he/she is in tune with. She will be happy every time when you are around, neither to bring you close nor to get something from you but because you are the one. He will not give you the cash because when you come for a ‘sleep over’ she’ll expect something but because you need it. That’s how character contrast with personality. Whether cemented and decorated on the outside, a grave will remain to be. Simple advice; for you to know the character, it takes time not weeks. If you are truly into it, then you don’t need to rush because he has swag, cash or she is the good-looking and comely one. Personality is apparent but character is concealed beneath the superficial looks and behaviors.

True beauty is inside, it lurks because it manifests to the right people. Take your time, a cake is not a cake with the icing alone.



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