The cry of an orphan




By John Abdub Wako

“Daddy! Mummy! Am back home from school”, this is a phrase many of us will use when we are back home. Running happily towards our parents to give them a lovely hug and a sweet peck. We always feel we have a home that is packed to full happiness.

As we were at a tender age growing, sometimes we could fight with our peers and run to our parents for protection. You could see your daddy being the strongest among all other dads never to know that all our dads were strong since we all believed that. When my dad was around there could be no problem that could disturb me since there was someone God gave me as a guider, protector and a provider to all my needs on earth.

I could see my dad as the head of the family and all respect was accorded to him. He was always the bread winner of the family. Whatever he could say was to be done or else we could face a serious disciplinary action. We were molded to be responsible as a adults at a tender age.

The other half rib of the family was the important factor to all the members of the family. Whenever dad could be back home from Job, mum was already there to provide anything that was needed. Name them hot water, ready meal, wash clothes, iron cloths, clean the rooms, wash utensils to name a few. She was a pillar that was so important in the backbone of a family.

Mum was so caring, loving and so sweet to everyone. She was everything to us; when I come back from school she will be a teacher to teach me how to work out my homework, when I am sick she is always there as a Nurse/Doctor to take good care of me, when I am hungry she will be there as a Chef to cook for me and above all she is one doing all this to us, so that our future could be bright.

But life has not been the same ever again. The world has been lonely for me and so selfish. I have no one to call daddy again to provide what he was to me. I have no one to call mummy to be there for me when I need her. I am all alone in this world to fight for myself, where all other children have a family that can provide for them everything. What have I ever done wrong to deserve this loneliness and struggle in life.

Relatives have therefore been my enemies since they can’t listen to you. Even what you could inherit from your family is taken away by the same relatives. They have become greedy hyenas who have no mercy or kindness to help you out of the grief. The only option remaining to be helped is to become a maid and a slave in my relatives house.  My relatives are all far away from me, they can’t offer me a heart to help me.

Whenever I call for help no one believes me. Everybody looks at me as a thief, fraudster, beggar, poor. I am looked upon being nothing in this world. I always go to school without food since daddy is not there to provide, mummy is not there to cook for me. As I get to school my belly produces funny sounds that scares off all full bellies that smile all round shouting and making stories of the types of foods they ate. I feel lonely and as I seat down to focus to my study to change my future. The bursar is up on my foot, the first name is always mine on the list of the fee debtors. My fellow pupils will laugh at me as I walk out my heads pinned down due to shame. Where on earth will go then?

I have to run up and down to look for fees so that I get back to school. The run for fees without loosing hope continues but whenever I get to look for bursary. Every door I knock I will be chased away since I am no one. I look like a mad person. No ear listens to my story. No one is my mum or dad in that office. Security officers will be called to throw me out.

Time will unfortunately knock me out of school and push me to the struggle life in search of food and shelter. Lastly, life pushes me to street and death at last. Whom shall I cry out to for an helping hand that will look me through in my studies and support me in life.

I am all alone in this world. I am my own daddy and mummy. God I look upon you save my soul.



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