By Zack Omondi

It takes strong love to heal and rejuvenate back a heart broken so many times back and bring it back whole again. It’s true beyond doubts that a broken heart is like a broken rib; no one knows about it but the pain when the victim breathes is so much unbearable – confined only to the person. Not to forget this piece of advice from a close friend of mine that we can still bend and love again.
This is campus and chances have it that relationships – two thirds – usually characterize a tragic ending that one react to that point of rendering his/her life useless, and the only way to address to such is making the best turning point. Answer a negative with a positive therefore hit back to hatred with a love. The worst solitude is being in a destitute of sincere relationship but maybe life itself isn’t about trying to fix something broken, maybe it is about starting over then creating something better. And that’s the art of a colorful living.
Forgiving is magical; and this serves as the best start. If you still hold on to the mistake committed by the partner, then it may cause another breakup in the future. Get to know the reason as to why the partner committed such a mistake and forgive him/her forever if you wish to take the relationship a long way further. Anger inside ones heart is like an acid, it effects negatively to the vessel holding it more that what it will be poured onto.
The best experience is earned by learning from mistakes. Get to discover the flaws in the previous relationships and renew your commitments. Let the rains come down and wash away those tears, let it fill your soul and drown your fears. This is founding another basis to sustain yet another fruitful relationship – but more mature.
A healthy relationship always involves communication. But when hurt feelings are involved it is often difficult to communicate in a clear and rational way, and discussions often devolve into arguments which solve nothing. Become meticulous at times and never ignore those slight misunderstandings because they converge to a break up later. Communication is the keystone to every successful love-partnership; and a humble response is much more than a golden mansion.
Change from within to without – because you might not change him/her literary, yet your behavior will do. Let your resolutions to a new being change your partner which doesn’t necessarily mean being submissive to the partner, but following a better way to be in a more satisfying relationship.
If it broke, don’t throw it away just for the sake, but fix it by starting all over again. When a mirror falls, it is wasting time trying to recollect and putting the pieces together, but trust me you will love that new one the stalls has preserved for you.


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