By Zack Omondi

(Article written by Zack on his first week, first year in Moi University)

Dreams will always change our lives,
Dreams will always crop out great leaders from leaders,
Dreams will always select best achievers from achievers,
Dreams will always travel miles to find great minds,
Dreams will always bring a positive change,

Dream as if it’s your last night,
Dream as if living 1000 years,
Dream as if seeing the end of the world,
Dream as if you are the greatest dreamer,
Dream as if you are living your tomorrow,

Dreams aren’t dream t only,
Dreams aren’t felt only,
Dreams aren’t for imaginations,
Dreams aren’t horses to be driven,
Dreams aren’t there to move mountains,

Dreams are facts,
Dreams are real,
Dreams are to be felt and fought for,
Dreams are our life’s companions,
Dreams are maps for our brains,

Dream overnight and wake with the sun to face reality,
Dream reality and it will make your dream real,
Dreams must correspond with with the reality of our lives,
Dreams that are real, are the images of our lives,
Dreams And Reality are the synonyms of Success In Life,


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