An Egg Inside the pitch

By Zack Omondi

Perplexed by the tittle, I am marveled by the reality here in. The reality as to how a toy-ship can successfully sail through the sea characterized by whirlpools and whirlwinds. An imagination that has been collocated with the military – bumpiness, jaggedness, harshness, unreceptive nature and so on – will strike your sense with irony; the situation at hand. Not the noise type but everything is still working smart in its place.

Moi University Catholic Students’ Association was privileged last weekend to host His Lordship Bishop Alfred Rotich, an egg on the pitch as I term it. All since Saturday in the evening when he gave an insightful talk about Religious extremism and insecurity in the modern society: “loving your neighbor being the perfect measure to strike the incumbent menace of insecurity in our modern society today,” he said on Sunday when he nut-cracked intuitive reality about humility before God. A senior in the Military Ordinariate, Bishop Alfred Rotich neither used the wireless microphone nor allowed adjustment the publicity did to the speakers. Amplifying his voice to the speakers was just but some sort of pest to him.

Personally, I learnt something that proved quite elusive from the short time we spent together. Bishop Rotich was a man with less words yet full of wisdom, partial with noise yet what he advocated for was boundless with prudence. He was inclined more to the action-bit on the matter in preference to the talking-bit of the same. I was exceedingly inspired with the slashes that humility marked in his score-card. The eloquence magnified through the mic-less voice that he fancied, projected echoes of love and sincerity to our human nature (imperfection) that we ought to accept. His nature of being musical with life was remarkable – the very reason as to why he hymned on each and every emphasis made in the homily, delivered on such a noteworthy Sunday holy mass.

Though he was never part of the well-choreographed Cultural Sunday that culminated the weekend for the MUCSA family, he shone some light to the importance of embracing others’ cultures for a generalized harmonious co-existence. “I am because you are, and you are because I am,” was one of the taglines that cannot be left unfolded.

If you cannot be grateful, then you must be a great fool. Bravura! to our guest speaker His Lordship Right Reverend Bishop Alfred Rotich. All the entire facets of greatness wrapped up in one word: Humility. Unquestionably, an egg laid untouched in the middle of a pitch.


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