Simon escape 

​We are all students who have been admitted to moi university having met the same qualifications therefore no special treat should be given to any student around the biggest worry is when will I see the flood lights in action. I have always been comfortable walking around talai Centre with the assurance of security from comrades, but could my assumptions be wrong? I dont wish to rethink about the instances of members day the day of the campus couples. Behind the dark Satan exists and behind the bushy areas exist the worlds laziest creation, human being who cannot from their sweat but depend on my reward after whole month of toiling the ground. This is not very much different with what is happening in talai Centre when the sun disappears and comrades rest at the comfort of their rooms in various so known residential/apartments with or without point on the events of the last Friday, comrades have fallen victims of armed robbery around the bushy and dark areas of stage and notably three instances at the same black spot. I personally this time round having fallen victim amongst the three.

As I was walking to my rooming at around ten in the evening, a brother in a leather chaket was watching my moves but I was busy keeping company those who had no parties to attend via my electronic gadget. The man followed me for quite some time though I could not understand the Meta physics behind my attack. Before I could get out of trap, somebody had already set up his strategy to snatch my hone which I had converted into a flash light but thank God he is almighty he has given me energies which I only utilize towards his service and for emergency purposes too. I managed to escape un injured and also with all my possessions. But to my surprise, comrades in the nearby building could hear some strange news but only what they could was to peep through their windows.

Residing in stage and residing in hostels make less difference in the analysis of critical issues such as security. Being a regular visitor of university residence premises I have learnt that there is a vehicle named security vehicle which keep on oscillating around the school all night but my question goes where does money for fueling this locomotive come from? Does it come from the school fees which we all students pay? Then my question is why does is not move around stage also? 



Manchester win over Burnely on Sunday afternoon brought tension to their city rivals. Tonight’s match will be a pivotal one because it will tell who will be in top 4 and eventually on the UEFA Champions League come next season. This is because it is only one point that is in between the two. 
“It is going to be the game of the season, ” Herrera told 

Paul Pogba will be out of the match as Herrera and Valencia are confirmed fit to make the game speedy and lively. Rashford will not be left out of the thriller tonight. 

The hosts will not be ready to concede defeat at Etihad for another time after their disappointing match that saw them out of the Emirate’s FA cup on Sunday. All they will have to do will be to shake off disappointment and go for a win so as to remain peaceful at top 4. 

Both teams under pressure to win, which team do you think will bag in 3 points at Etihad Stadium? 

Meanwhile we wish Zlatan Ibrahimovic a quick recovery… 



The nomination exercise of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) in the Luo Nyanza region kicked off on 24th April with a litmus test in Migori and Homabay Counties. Siaya and Kisumu Counties then followed on 25th.The primaries in these counties had one similarity; they were all marred with violence save for Siaya County.

Firstly, in Homabay County, the residents of Homabay town took to the street after the incumbent governor Cyprian Awiti was declared the winner of the gubernatorial race.Awiti had been declared winner after he was purported to have garnered 46,346 votes against the outgoing Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga who had 14,661 votes.

The final results caught the Homabay County residents with disguise since Oyugi Magwanga had been leading throughout the counting period only for Awiti to be declared the winner. Adding insult to the injury, the number of total votes cast could hardly exceed 20,000.In addition,the senatorial race had been won by the incumbent Moses Kanjwang’ with a mere less than 1200 votes. These are the indicators that democracy had been raped hence prompting the residents to protests that saw the ODM’s National Elections Board cancel the gubernatorial results.

The same fiasco was witnessed in Migori County with two competitors incumbent governor Okoth Obado and former minister Ochilo Ayako being declared winners by different returning officers in the gubernatorial race.On one hand, Mr Samson Olala who was one of the returning officers declared the incumbent governor Okoth Obado as the one who won the primaries by 110,142 votes beating his fiercest opponent Ochilo Ayacko who managed 59,446 votes. On the other hand,a returning officer by the name Tom Otike later emerged and released parallel results showing that Ayacko had beaten Obado by 110,350 votes against 68,000 votes. In the long run, the Migori County gubernatorial results too were canceled by the ODM’s National Elections Board pending investigations into the matter.

In Kisumu County, the incumbent senator Prof.Anyang’ Nyong’o was yesterday declared the winner of the gubernatorial primaries after he garnered 164,110 votes to beat his rival,the incumbent Governor Jack Ranguma, who managed 96,480 votes.In the same county, the incumbent Women Representative Rose Nyamunga lost to her only opponent Rosa Buyu in the hotly contested race.Rosa Buyu got 141,990 votes while Nyamunga got 82,686 votes.

However, chaos erupted when the current Kisumu central MP was announced the winner of the Kisumu central constituency primaries.The residents of Kisumu city took to the street to protests the declaration. Just like in Homabay town, the residents locked heads with the police who sprayed them with tear gas to disperse them.So far, the ODM top elections board has not communicated anything on the stablemate.

Surprisingly, in Siaya County, the seasoned politicians such the deputy leader of minority in the National Assembly Jakoyo Midiwo and Oburu Odinga who is the elder brother of the former prime minister both bow out of the race after they were knocked out at the ballot forcing them to take humble pies. For instance, in Gem Elisha Odhiambo humiliated area MP Jakoyo Midiwo in the ODM primaries with 13,400 votes against 8,950; Midiwo has so far disputed the results whereas  Nominated MP Oburu Oginga failed to clinch Bondo ODM ticket after being floored by incumbent Gideon Ochanda with 28,446 votes against 4000.

Finally, Senator James Orengo, Governor Cornel Rasanga and Women Representative  Christine Ombaka were successful in beating their rivals in the Siaya County Nominations.The incumbent governor Rasanga defeated the Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo .
Charles Domnic


Si mara ya kwanza ama pili wanapokutana makocha hawa. Maswali ambayo yanaibuka ni kuwa nani kati yao atanyakua alama tatu dhidi ya mwenzake. Mji wa Manchester utashuhudia vilabu vyake viwili, Manchester City na Manchester United, vikikaragaza kandanda katika uwanja wa Eithad leo saa tano kasoro dakika kumi na tano. Tetesi ni kuwa wote wamehofia kukutana kwao na kuna mchezo wa akili ambao unaendelea baina yao. Mourihno kocha wa Manchester United amedai kuwa wachezaji wake mahiri wameumia na hawataweza kujumuishwa katika mchezo huo. Mchuano huu pia utabainisha mbivu na mbiji kati ya vilabu hivi kwani atakayefunga mwenzake na kujitwika alama tatu kitaweza kumaliza ligi mbele ya mwenzake. Tabiri nani atakayeshinda kwani mwamuzi ni wewe binafsi. Tafsiri hali ilivyo jipe alama kwa kuwa mpevu wa kandanda. Kila heri kwa timu zote mbili.
Je, ni lipi lisilona mwisho? Mashabiki wa kilabu ya kandanda ya Chelsea mate yawadondoka wakitegea kwa hamu na ghamu kushinda taji la ligi kuu ya kandanda Uingereza. Hii ni baada ya kuwabinkiza kilabu ya Southampton mabao 4-1 hapo jumanne ugani Stamford Bridge. Eden Hazard raiya wa ubelgiji alitia kimyani bao la kwanza mnamo dakika ya nane baada ya kuandaliwa pasi murwa kutoka kwa Diego Costa. Kukawa na mpishano mkubwa wa nguvu kwani  vilabu vyote vilihitaji kupata ushindi. Dakika kumi natano baadaye wageni walipata kusawazisha bao ile na ukawa sare ya bao moja kwa moja. Mwenye nguvu mpishe, kabla ya kipindi cha kwanza kufika tamati Cahill alipata kufunga bao la pili. Katika kipindi cha pili mambo hayakuwa mrama kwa Southampton kwani Diego Costa aliendeleza ushindi wao kwa kufunga mabao mengine mawili. Ushindi  umewaleta karibu sana katika kunyakua taji hilo la ligi kuu Uingereza.



The thought of facing. the Senate frustrates almost all students in campus. I do not understand why this fear persists in this young posterity of students. I was on my way to the ICT department when I almost fainted upon seeing the indicator of ‘THE SENATE CHAMBERS’. I have never been frustrated like this before. Actually it is very difficult to stand and speak before the Senate Council. 

I think a special skill should be instilled in all the students so that they can have the courage and strength to speak before the council. To avoid any unexpected reactions and responses before the Senate Council, all students should be guided on how to manage the situation at hand. A special guidance and counseling session should be introduced to all students who are to appear before the Senate Council. This will make such students to confidently face the Senate and speak courageously without any fear. 

To oversee these guidance and counseling sessions, only well acquainted personnel should be given the mandate. These sessions will also help the Council to collect the prerequisite information from all the students who are to appear before the Senate Council. In addition, such sessions will as well act as a preparatory stage for the students. They can get well prepared, motivated and acquire the necessary confidence to appear before “the Court of Law”. 
Through mentorship programmes, we can nurture the abilities of all students to face any situation irrespective of how difficult it could be. Such programmes shall dully have a positive impact on all students. For instance, skills of impromptu speech can be taught so that any student may not panic before performing an unprepared task. If by any means you are selected to address fellow students at these Students Centre all over sudden will you make it?  The responses differ from one student to the next but having a positive attitude all the times is quite good. I do believe that nothing is Sisyphean if only you have the self motivation and positive attitude then we can make good personnel. 
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As early as now we can train our students on their curiosity and avoid being tensed while in difficult situations. We all know that choices have consequences. Qualitatively bargained choices do not upset but a philthy one never helps. We can choose to avoid any unexpected reactions by making an appropriate decision. Preventing such episodes could be better


Antony Martial opened the scoring for Manchester United against Burnley on Sunday afternoon, registering the club’s first Premier League strike at Turf Moor in over 40 Years.

United had scored just once in their last four league games at the stadium, with that goal coming from Lou Macari in April 1976.

Martial, who started the move before playing a neat one-two with Ander Herrera, calmly struck the ball past Burnley goalkeeper Tom Heaton after 21 minutes.

Spain could not be left in wrapping the weekend football. Barcelona superstar Messi sets another record with 15th El Classico goal in La Liga. This means he is now the leading goal scorer in the Classico after equalising against Real Madrid. The contest was typically controversial  as christiano  “Roro” having a strong early penalty claim turned down, while Barcelona wanted Casemiro’s opener chalked off as they claimed for offside against Ramos in the build-up, a goal that was promptly cancelled out by Messi before half-time.

The Catalans then tried to call for Casemiro to be sent off as he got away with two first-half fouls after being booked, but it was Madrid’s turn to be angry with the officials when Ramos was dismissed. The story was still to be told, though with James’ strike was followed by Messi’s astounding 92nd– minute winner to ensure Spain’s top-flight is for a thrilling conclusion over the final weeks of the season.

Both sides are now level on points with Barca ahead with virtue of goals although Madrid still hold a crucial game in hand.

This week’s fixtures major matches

Tuesday 25th April

Chelsea Vs Southampton

Wednesday 26th April

Arsenal Vs Leicester

Thursday 27th April

Manchester City Vs Manchester United



Last night in my in sleep I saw you,

with your beautiful smile telling me,
How we could elope afar obstacles,
And all the limitations of life,
To a place we can call a home,
A place with no limitations of love,
And make our ancient Eden there,
You were so real and full of confidence,
And you made me shade crocodile tears of joy,
Wondering what I did to God to deserve you,
From the depth of my heart ‘I love you ‘
All i request from you is an assurance of love,
And if you become real and truthful to me,
Then no mountain will be so high for us to climb,
Neither a valley will be so deep for us to climb down,
All the afflictions of life we will overcome together,
Let our love free us from the worldly dirty pleasures,
And let us fly high in the sky like eagles,
In this largely extended desert of desire,
So that the blinded ‘sponsors ‘and ‘Mafisis’may not have a glance at you,
Now I am awake to face the reality with the horn,
I want to make you my oasis in the desert,
It’s me knocking at the door of your heart,
Please put aside your pride and vow,
Only then you’ll see behond the veil..

By Peter yogah…AKA.. PY..
all rights reserved©®©💫🔥🇰🇪


Mohammed Ali alias Jicho Pevu, a former KTN investigative journalist ,resigned to test his luck in the political arena and has finally taken the humble pie in the ODM primaries in Nyali constituency after he garnered 2984 votes against his main competitor Abdalla who garnered 3671 votes.

The ‘Jicho Pevu’ boss was seeking the ODM ticket alongside Said Abdalla who is the brother of Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho a.k.a Governor 001.According to Mohammed Ali, the Mombasa governor is a knee deep inside a well schemed plan to deter him from leading the people of Nyali constituency through botched polls.

Speaking in Nyali on Saturday Mohammed said that the whole nomination process in Nyali was mishandled by people who believed that he was not supposed to be allowed to lead the constituency.He allegedly said that in total the whole constituency had 15

polling stations whereby out of the 15 polling stations only three believed to have been the stronghold of Said Abdalla.

“ At first we had only three polling stations that were open, the other ten which were my

strongholds were closed until I complained that is when they were re-opened at 3 pm when some of the voters had already left,” said Ali.

He said that voters were allowed to vote more than twice in different polling station after

opening those stations who probably were his opponent’s supporters .He also claimed that no finger ink was used to differentiate those who had voted and those who had not voted.According to Mohammed Ali, these negative factors must have worked in favour of his opponent Said Abdalla.

In addition, according to his findings, the commander of investigative journalism found out  that his opponent had already printed more than three thousand voting papers that were already marked in his favor. By sheer luck, the police intercepted the papers before getting to the polling stations.This too is an indication that the nomination had been mishandled.

Being a man used to video showing, the former comrade of Moi University claims to have video evidence showing Joho’s family members moving around the constituency as they bribed voters to avoid voting for him.Speaking on Sunday during an interview on a local TV station Mr. Ali insisted that he was the winner and deserves being issued with the party ticket accusing the governor who serves the party as its deputy party leader of direct involvement in the nominations whose results he has disputed.

“The entire Joho family was walking around with cars, making sure that they are paying

every single person to vote against me” Ali said “in short I was not contesting against Abdalla but I was contesting against the whole family of Joho.So I cannot blame ODM or Jubilee for what happened,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ali appealed to the ODM electoral board to give him the certificate because he believes he was the winner and there is a clear evidence that there was rigging during the process.He finally said that Nyali residents should not give up because he is still in the race.


Charles Domnic

Give Me My Flowers when I Can Still Smell Them

The angel of death sure visited us, and pitched a tent right in our midst.

There’s been so much death since the year began, our tears have dried up. Each day we wake up to the news of losing a loved one, and barely into their grave, there is yet another death.

We go to bed not knowing who will stay asleep. News of death has become so common, in a twisted way we anticipate it. Funerals are held so often that they have become merely a formality.

Despite it all, nothing prepares you to receive the news of loss of a loved one. Not even a prolonged illness prepares you for the inevitable end. Such news shatters you to your very core. You wish someone would shake you awake to find out it was just a nightmare. You blink so many times, but each time you open your eyes you realize how real it all is, there’s no coming back from it. They are gone, and nothing you know of can bring them back. You are left with nothing but tears, memories, endless grief and sorrow.

You reminisce the good times, and the not-so-pretty ones. Thinking about that phone call or visit that you promised you would make but never got round to. You blame yourself for not being there in their last moments, for acting too busy and conceited. For not being there when they probably needed you the most.

You conduct a self evaluation; were you a good friend, a good son or daughter, were you a great companion? Death brings up a lot of questions that we barely have answers to, the confirmation we seek can only be provided by our lost loved ones.

Life is uncertain, but death is sure. We cannot bring back those we’ve lost, but we can love them while they still live. So why wait to fill my grave with flowers, when I never smelt a rose or held a carnation? Give me my flowers now when I can smell them. Come visit while I can still host you; call me as often as you possibly can. Give me love more than I can take. Hug me while you can still feel the warmth of my embrace. For all these privileges will be denied of me when I finally breathe my last.

Give me my flowers when I can still smell them.

By Cheryl Ang’asa


Have you ever asked yourself why you go to church? Do you take it as a norm?Do you go because others go?Do you go to church for you to be seen?.Do you go to show new fashions to congregations?

Everything is done for a reason or purpose. Therefore everyone should aim at knowing why he/she goes to church.


1.For Thanksgiving purpose

One important reason we go to church is to thank God what He has done to us.This can be done through offering tithes and sacrifices and also through praising and worshipping. Its always better to thank God not only in church but anytime.


2.To seek forgiveness

Noone is perfect and that’s why we should always seek forgiveness from our Almighty. As Catholics we have a chance to undergo the sacrament of penance where we confess our sins through our priests. Its always advisable to go for confession.


3.For spiritual needs

We also go to church to listen to the word of God from the scripture readings or from the priest’s sermon.As Catholics also we tend to receive the body and blood of Christ which is referred to as as Eucharist.


4.For healing purposes

The Church is a very special place to heal all your ‘sicknesses’such as if you aren’t at peace ,the Church is a good place to go and receive healing by communicating silently with God.


5.To offer prayers,petitions and supplication

Many Christians tend to go to church so that we they can offer their prayer needs to God.As Catholics we do this by praying the rosary,adoration etc.Christians tend to believe that when you offer in Church it’s good since the Church is quiet and holy therefore no distractions when making their prayers.


6.To praise and worship Almighty Father

This can be done through participating in church activities such as singing in the choir, reading the Bible, dancing in processions,ushering and others.


The above reasons and others are the reasons we go to Church. Its advisable you now know why you go to church to avoid going just as a norm.


Article by Dorris Njoroge.