You knocked at my door

And I humbly opened

Allowing you to into my heart

And because my heart is a glass

You promised never to break it

Because once broken, it’s unamendable


Years down the line

Since I accepted your love

You became the king of my heart

And I the queen of your life

Have only received your love

As a precious gift more than gold

Love that is unending

Love that lifts me when am down


I need not treasures of gold

Nor do I need money or wealth

Your love is enough for me

I can pass through the dark valley

Go to the moon and back

I can withstand any pain

When I have you by my side


You are the breath that I take

You are the phrase that I read

You the only star I see at night

My body, mind and soul are made of you

Once you are taken from me

Am nothing but an empty vessel

Without you my world comes to an end

You are all that I need

I never made a mistake of loving you

I love you the apple of my eye.






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