The embattled Mombasa Governor who also doubles as the deputy party leader in ODM Ali Hassan Joho alias Governor 001 has in the past few days rubbed shoulders the wrong way with the Jubilee government’s top brass that seems to have earned him a probe into his academic credentials.Rubbing salt on the injury, a  Mombasa resident has added to Joho’s woes on his academic papers.

Abdalla Juma has filed a suit seeking to have Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission(IEBC) reject the governor’s nomination papers, ultimately locking him out of the  August polls. This comes after the court had issued an order shielding the governor from prosecution and scrutiny into his school life by the Jubilee government’s spanner boys.However, the Mombasa resident through his lawyer Irungu Kang’ata has filed a suit in the same court arguing that the governor does not have genuine academic papers to enable him participate in the gubernatorial race.

“It is public knowledge that a candidate with KCSE D-minus cannot qualify for admission to any university in Kenya or East Africa and neither can such a candidate do a bridging course and ultimately join a university,” the court papers filed by Juma’s lawyer, Irungu Kang’ata, say.

However, Juma’s point of argument is not anything new.The same argument was the government’s point of view when it began its speculations about the governor’s school life. In fact, it is the government that first let the cat out of the bag and made it known in the public domain that the Mombasa governor got a D- in his KCSE examination. This came just a few days after president Uhuru Kenyatta told Kenyans that he wasn’t Joho’s wife that Joho should follow him everywhere to engage him in a political duel.The president then promised to deal with the governor hence throwing a spanner into the works.


As usual, the son of the late doyen of opposition politics and former prime minister Raila Odinga could not sit back and watch president Kenyatta frustrate his henchman. That is tantamount to tinkering with Mr.Odinga’s political chair.The enigma of Kenyan politics was away  to the United States when Mr Kenyatta was throwing his boy into the political coldness.However,upon his return he moved with his buraucrats into the coastal region,Tononoka grounds, to respond to the presidents concerns.


At the coastal region, the oppositon chief blamed president Uhuru Kenyatta for the derogatory comments he had made in Turkana as well as Mombasa. Raila then claimed that president Kenyatta was behind Joho’s predicament. The NASA bigwig then soliloquized that governor Joho’s D- was not a life sentence.Since then, the government has gone mute about governor Joho’s academic background. Surprisingly,Abdalla Juma has opened fresh wounds on his fellow sultan.

I doubt if the englishmen combed their hair using fishbones when they advised us through the sagacious adage ‘What an old man can see while seated a young man cannot see while standing’.Mr Juma and his laywer should not be oblivious of the government’s age and the machineries it has put in place to bring his fellow Joho to his knees but in vain.Mr Juma and Irungu should also note that even the great lawyer critic of the opposition Miguna Miguna who has practised law in Canada for many years has not sued the governor in court but has instead resorted to insulting him in twitter that ‘You cannot be admitted to the University of Nairobi with a grade below C- even to study ignorance’.Mr Juma should therefore revisit his think-tank and tread slowly.

written by Charles Domnic


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