Hello Mrs, you look nice. Seems we’re heading the same direction, can I get your attention please. This can be one of the clear articulation a guy can utter to a princess most probably us who finds it difficult in approaching her. Be in the position of winning her company by giving a word of introduction to clear the nuisance of being a stranger. Be clear nd confident when giving your points in order to win yourself a bonus. For instance, name and school should be the key points but its not necessary to mention your year of study unless requested by her. At this point I’m pretty sure before even making a quarter of ur journey, this approach might be a sure bet. Then make her know the kind of activities that’s making both of you to head in the same direction. Don’t be in a rush of asking for her contacts since this vexates most of them, but instead try to be gentle enough to ask for any assistance of the luggage she’s carrying but don’t force. Make her feel comfortable and also a bit shy by complementing her grooming,voice and also smile. This will definitely make her feel appreciated and if not wrong, she’ll try to come a little closer. Take the chance now of knowing more about her like her school and courses. At this juncture she will be in a position of giving you clear answers since she will feel and find guilty in telling lies. Don’t forget to observe the eye contact as the conversation continues in order for her to feel some of the stupid quotes you make. Being hilarious is one of the key points they try to find out in a person. This being your first glance, no matter how good and cool she might seem to be, try to avoid any signs of interest or love passionate towards her. This will make her believe you are such nice friend in company keeping. Try also to avoid talking much so as not to contradict your statements. Due to some circumstances when you’re out of words, you might fake a turn out of branching to a certain area. This will make her feel like left in suspense  and now this is the right time to ask for her contacts. For instance,  thanks for giving me your time but its so sad the time was very limited, would you mind me having your contacts. Do so as you stretches your phone to her. Trust me if you placed your bet with accuracy, you will just go home smiling waiting for the jackpot congratulation message.


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