Have you ever asked yourself why you go to church? Do you take it as a norm?Do you go because others go?Do you go to church for you to be seen?.Do you go to show new fashions to congregations?

Everything is done for a reason or purpose. Therefore everyone should aim at knowing why he/she goes to church.


1.For Thanksgiving purpose

One important reason we go to church is to thank God what He has done to us.This can be done through offering tithes and sacrifices and also through praising and worshipping. Its always better to thank God not only in church but anytime.


2.To seek forgiveness

Noone is perfect and that’s why we should always seek forgiveness from our Almighty. As Catholics we have a chance to undergo the sacrament of penance where we confess our sins through our priests. Its always advisable to go for confession.


3.For spiritual needs

We also go to church to listen to the word of God from the scripture readings or from the priest’s sermon.As Catholics also we tend to receive the body and blood of Christ which is referred to as as Eucharist.


4.For healing purposes

The Church is a very special place to heal all your ‘sicknesses’such as if you aren’t at peace ,the Church is a good place to go and receive healing by communicating silently with God.


5.To offer prayers,petitions and supplication

Many Christians tend to go to church so that we they can offer their prayer needs to God.As Catholics we do this by praying the rosary,adoration etc.Christians tend to believe that when you offer in Church it’s good since the Church is quiet and holy therefore no distractions when making their prayers.


6.To praise and worship Almighty Father

This can be done through participating in church activities such as singing in the choir, reading the Bible, dancing in processions,ushering and others.


The above reasons and others are the reasons we go to Church. Its advisable you now know why you go to church to avoid going just as a norm.


Article by Dorris Njoroge.



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