Mohammed Ali alias Jicho Pevu, a former KTN investigative journalist ,resigned to test his luck in the political arena and has finally taken the humble pie in the ODM primaries in Nyali constituency after he garnered 2984 votes against his main competitor Abdalla who garnered 3671 votes.

The ‘Jicho Pevu’ boss was seeking the ODM ticket alongside Said Abdalla who is the brother of Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho a.k.a Governor 001.According to Mohammed Ali, the Mombasa governor is a knee deep inside a well schemed plan to deter him from leading the people of Nyali constituency through botched polls.

Speaking in Nyali on Saturday Mohammed said that the whole nomination process in Nyali was mishandled by people who believed that he was not supposed to be allowed to lead the constituency.He allegedly said that in total the whole constituency had 15

polling stations whereby out of the 15 polling stations only three believed to have been the stronghold of Said Abdalla.

“ At first we had only three polling stations that were open, the other ten which were my

strongholds were closed until I complained that is when they were re-opened at 3 pm when some of the voters had already left,” said Ali.

He said that voters were allowed to vote more than twice in different polling station after

opening those stations who probably were his opponent’s supporters .He also claimed that no finger ink was used to differentiate those who had voted and those who had not voted.According to Mohammed Ali, these negative factors must have worked in favour of his opponent Said Abdalla.

In addition, according to his findings, the commander of investigative journalism found out  that his opponent had already printed more than three thousand voting papers that were already marked in his favor. By sheer luck, the police intercepted the papers before getting to the polling stations.This too is an indication that the nomination had been mishandled.

Being a man used to video showing, the former comrade of Moi University claims to have video evidence showing Joho’s family members moving around the constituency as they bribed voters to avoid voting for him.Speaking on Sunday during an interview on a local TV station Mr. Ali insisted that he was the winner and deserves being issued with the party ticket accusing the governor who serves the party as its deputy party leader of direct involvement in the nominations whose results he has disputed.

“The entire Joho family was walking around with cars, making sure that they are paying

every single person to vote against me” Ali said “in short I was not contesting against Abdalla but I was contesting against the whole family of Joho.So I cannot blame ODM or Jubilee for what happened,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ali appealed to the ODM electoral board to give him the certificate because he believes he was the winner and there is a clear evidence that there was rigging during the process.He finally said that Nyali residents should not give up because he is still in the race.


Charles Domnic


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