The thought of facing. the Senate frustrates almost all students in campus. I do not understand why this fear persists in this young posterity of students. I was on my way to the ICT department when I almost fainted upon seeing the indicator of ‘THE SENATE CHAMBERS’. I have never been frustrated like this before. Actually it is very difficult to stand and speak before the Senate Council. 

I think a special skill should be instilled in all the students so that they can have the courage and strength to speak before the council. To avoid any unexpected reactions and responses before the Senate Council, all students should be guided on how to manage the situation at hand. A special guidance and counseling session should be introduced to all students who are to appear before the Senate Council. This will make such students to confidently face the Senate and speak courageously without any fear. 

To oversee these guidance and counseling sessions, only well acquainted personnel should be given the mandate. These sessions will also help the Council to collect the prerequisite information from all the students who are to appear before the Senate Council. In addition, such sessions will as well act as a preparatory stage for the students. They can get well prepared, motivated and acquire the necessary confidence to appear before “the Court of Law”. 
Through mentorship programmes, we can nurture the abilities of all students to face any situation irrespective of how difficult it could be. Such programmes shall dully have a positive impact on all students. For instance, skills of impromptu speech can be taught so that any student may not panic before performing an unprepared task. If by any means you are selected to address fellow students at these Students Centre all over sudden will you make it?  The responses differ from one student to the next but having a positive attitude all the times is quite good. I do believe that nothing is Sisyphean if only you have the self motivation and positive attitude then we can make good personnel. 
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As early as now we can train our students on their curiosity and avoid being tensed while in difficult situations. We all know that choices have consequences. Qualitatively bargained choices do not upset but a philthy one never helps. We can choose to avoid any unexpected reactions by making an appropriate decision. Preventing such episodes could be better


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