Manchester win over Burnely on Sunday afternoon brought tension to their city rivals. Tonight’s match will be a pivotal one because it will tell who will be in top 4 and eventually on the UEFA Champions League come next season. This is because it is only one point that is in between the two. 
“It is going to be the game of the season, ” Herrera told manitd.com 

Paul Pogba will be out of the match as Herrera and Valencia are confirmed fit to make the game speedy and lively. Rashford will not be left out of the thriller tonight. 

The hosts will not be ready to concede defeat at Etihad for another time after their disappointing match that saw them out of the Emirate’s FA cup on Sunday. All they will have to do will be to shake off disappointment and go for a win so as to remain peaceful at top 4. 

Both teams under pressure to win, which team do you think will bag in 3 points at Etihad Stadium? 

Meanwhile we wish Zlatan Ibrahimovic a quick recovery… 


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