Simon escape 

​We are all students who have been admitted to moi university having met the same qualifications therefore no special treat should be given to any student around the biggest worry is when will I see the flood lights in action. I have always been comfortable walking around talai Centre with the assurance of security from comrades, but could my assumptions be wrong? I dont wish to rethink about the instances of members day the day of the campus couples. Behind the dark Satan exists and behind the bushy areas exist the worlds laziest creation, human being who cannot from their sweat but depend on my reward after whole month of toiling the ground. This is not very much different with what is happening in talai Centre when the sun disappears and comrades rest at the comfort of their rooms in various so known residential/apartments with or without point on the events of the last Friday, comrades have fallen victims of armed robbery around the bushy and dark areas of stage and notably three instances at the same black spot. I personally this time round having fallen victim amongst the three.

As I was walking to my rooming at around ten in the evening, a brother in a leather chaket was watching my moves but I was busy keeping company those who had no parties to attend via my electronic gadget. The man followed me for quite some time though I could not understand the Meta physics behind my attack. Before I could get out of trap, somebody had already set up his strategy to snatch my hone which I had converted into a flash light but thank God he is almighty he has given me energies which I only utilize towards his service and for emergency purposes too. I managed to escape un injured and also with all my possessions. But to my surprise, comrades in the nearby building could hear some strange news but only what they could was to peep through their windows.

Residing in stage and residing in hostels make less difference in the analysis of critical issues such as security. Being a regular visitor of university residence premises I have learnt that there is a vehicle named security vehicle which keep on oscillating around the school all night but my question goes where does money for fueling this locomotive come from? Does it come from the school fees which we all students pay? Then my question is why does is not move around stage also? 


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