I left the park di di mau
Since the poachers were after me
They wanted to chop of my neck
Since I used my pen and paper
To condemn their evils.

My mouth is tied
Since they fear I’ll collect my comrades
And demonstrate against them
My hands are also tied
But I’ll still write with my toes.

I will write poems and books
Just like Ngugi
To make noise for my silent cohorts
From dawn till dusk
Lest I relent on course.

My tears I shed on these scripts I write
When I remember those
Those beautiful trees
Cut down from the forest
My pen ceases to write.

I will write on the streets
While driving di di mau
When I finish writing
I will keep them safe
And give them to my comrades
Before we’re all eaten by our foes.

© lumumba_poets


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