When a second resembled a year;

A minute looked like a decade;

and an hour was a century to me;

Time was slow but not sure dear.


I got accustomed to guessing.

“He’ll arrive”; “maybe today” ;

“Maybe tomorrow”

But you never were coming sweetheart.


I cuddled my pillow, tight and close;

It got soaked by the torrents of my tears;

My heart wept louder;

Louder than the voice box hun.


I lit fire for warmth;

But love I kept on freezing;

I froze in spite of immense heat;

It is your warmth that I needed darling;


The pillow kept on hurting my neck;

The couch stung even more;

It is your chest that I neeed;

To rest my head on love.


Now that you are back hun;

My days will no longer be long;

Neither will my nights be lonesome,

I will make guesses no more.


I will hug pillows no more;

Freeze no more;

My kneck will hurt no more;

Let me cherish you beb.

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By Prudence Mukhanyi



By Christabel Netondo

2-0-1-7. It came. We’ve experienced.We’ve learnt. We’ve broken down a little if not much. We’ve had a series of joy and sadness. Some fell in love some broke up .We’ve made (un)recognizable strides. We’ve reached milestones .We’ve embraced changes to our personal growth. Some were fired, while some got that C suite office .You and i endured the January blues , drought and brokeness. We didn’t die. Then came the mid year crisis, in June. From inflation that deeply rooted our economy consequently pinching the common mwananchi. Yes! We bought a kilo of sugar at 180KES, but still we didn’t die. You broke down ,and had to pick up the pieces and dust yourself off the dirt; for life did not come to an end. Election came. Slay queens generation. Anti-Trump fever. Unending strikes. Boy child empowerment. Baba’s withdrawal. Nyashinski cameback and Nkaiserry dismissal. Mushrooming paybills. Then came , Is Nyakundi and Is you. Still, life has been on.

Nonetheless, WE’RE ALIVE.And you’re evidently reading this piece. Something that we cannot take for granted. For some came and failed. They saw the sunset but never saw it rise and it’s for that reason that I’m writing this article, seated under a worn out tent on a plastic chair with my phone battery almost dead. A eulogy of a life well lived parted on my laps. Somewhere deep down the rocky region of Lwanda. This is my forth funeral on record, that I’ve attended this year in span of 2 months each, and I can attest to you that death is real and cruel.You never know when it will strike. It just comes and you’ll only have one option of accepting and moving on past death. It’s not that easy.

I’ve witnessed all that happens in funerals from uncooperative organising committee members to the emotions displayed because of the lose of a loved one. Free flowing tears, up to the final rituals at the 6 feet under. But dear reader, APPRECIATE every minute you’re alive. THANK the Almighty daily for the gift of life bestowed to you. Go out have fun, make news friends have new experiences in life today, for you may not know about tomorrow. Enrol for that course you so much desire, put into practise that business idea you’ve had for months, for tomorrow might never come. My friends, make peace with everyone around you, and ignore any factor that inhibits your happiness.There’s never a right time until it’s the right time. Break up with procrastination and self loathing. Live your whole each day. Challenge yourself to be a better version of you.

Oh! It’s almost drizzling. I have to get a vehicle to the other side of the village.

By His grace, we have faith of facing tommorow.

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By Njeri Ann

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I  sit down every day for hours admiring you

Not you really because you are not here with me

I basically admire your photos,without getting tired

Photos which you never gave me I stole them from your profile

Each time I hate myself for not speaking out

Speaking out loud for the world to know what I feel for you

By saying world I mean you,because you mean the world to me

Every time I look at ‘you’ I crush on you harder

Ooooh that american height with an African skin tone

That deep voice and that broad African chest

Those white teeth and those soft lips

You are irresistible, who can even resist you?

When am awake you are my fantasy all long

When am asleep you are my all time dream

I keep stealing glances because I don’t know how to steal you

If I knew how to steal you,I would have long ago

I would have taken you to another planet with me

Where I don’t have to fear someone else might take you away

I would make you the happiest person in the universe

Be there to hold back your tears for you

Give you all the love and respect in this world

I hope one day you will come to know all this

Then leave no stone unturned till you find me

For I am lost in a jungle and only you can retrieve me.



By Bedah Ouma

What is success? What is the essence of success? When do you know that you are successful? All these questions on success always hit my mind as I strive to be successful. Have I achieved it? Does it mean that when I have achieved what I want I am successful? No! being successful is when you see yourself not struggling, not partaking any other strides. Has any of us reached that point? Most of us have got the mentality that when I am rich or I live a good life I am successful, why?… Why then am I struggling to achieve other goals yet I’m successful?

For our education case, we have 8-4-4 system or curriculum that guides us, why then should I do masters? Why should I be a professor?  Because I think if I just get my first degree I am done with the curriculum, the so called 8-4-4 system. Most of us have gone beyond that level, because, they have seen that at degree level that’s not success, being a rich person that is not success, getting a first class honors that’s not success, therefore this brings us to the big question “WHAT IS SUCCESS?”

The essence of success is failure, those who fear failure don’t even know what success means. Most successful people start from failure, that’s the root of success that is always left as great memories. One says “One day I failed, but, I lifted up myself, never gave up and now I am whom I am” Those who fail know how to figure out what is success, and the opposite is true, that is, a successful person who has never experienced the pain of failure will never know the path of failure, he/she will find him/ herself as a failure, without any idea how. This is not to say that you must fail to be successful, but you learn from others to avoid the path they followed to their failures. As a successful striver, you should understand what is failure to achieve the success.

This brings us to the wonder of hard work. You work hard to avoid the path of failure. This PATH OF FAILURE is a very enticing path as one needs not to struggle to fail but enjoy to fail. Success is not picked, as the same is to failure, all of them are achievements only that one is positive and the other is negative.

Understand the path you are in and you ask yourself “Am I in the right path to success?” And we call this the Portrait of success.


By Abdub Wako

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” — Chinese Proverb

Look at your life.

Where are you now compared to where you could be?

Now is the time.There is no better time than the present.

It will never be convenient to be and live how you know you should. If it was convenient, everyone would be living at a much higher level. There would be no internal conflict. Instead, most people are continuing to wait for someone or something outside of them to wake them up or pick them.

It’s not going to happen for those people.

If you want something from life, you have to want it as bad as you want air. And you have to start TODAY.

I’m certain there is SO MUCH in your life right now that is worth living for. You have people in your life right now that you’re taking for granted. You have an endless well of untapped potential within you, just sitting dormant.

There is no next opportunity, only the one right in front of you.

When are you going to start living?

Nothing can stop you once you decide what you want. But you have to decide. To quote Napoleon Hill, “There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.”

When we were in primary school, we focused in getting to a good high school and that came to pass. We focused on getting to a good university doing a good course and that has come to pass but back in the mind rings that if we continue living for the future other than focusing on what we do today, we will loose alot which will affect our future results. Let’s focus to NOW and get good results out of it.

We all have goals and dreams but if we don’t focus in our actions today, then all will go in vain.  Take that step now to begin that journey of the future.

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By: Simon Mwendwa

So who is telling Kenyans the truth? With all this linguistic competitions inside the national assembly who do you think will clarify the proposed laws to Wanjiku. It could have been  waheshimiwa who already seem less concerned with representing the interests of the electorates but rallying behind their political bosses across the divides.

But this is where the role of the media in the society comes in, inside the proposed changes in election laws touching from IEBC act to ELECTIONS act, the law seeks to address some of the shortcomings which may arise from the events and happenings of the country. It provides for a complimentary system for the transmissions of results in the event that the electronic system fails which takes us to manual transmission of results. Towards the 8th general elections, the high court barred the IEBC from having a backup system which led to over reliance on electronic system.  Later on the IEBC servers were allegedly reported to have been hacked.

Previously the law provided for the commission chairman to be the national returning officer for the presidential elections. The amendment seeks to address in the event of the resignation or absentia of the chairperson, the vice chairperson to assume the full mandate or in the event of all of them absent a chosen commissioner to assume the mandates. The questions which still goes unanswered is where will the chairperson be?

In what has been seen as purely politics of who gets what, the amendment seeks to address the issue of caretaker government which as it stands now has no room in our constitution. In the event that there are only two candidates as it is in the rerun, and one of them boycotts the election process, then the other candidate should be declared president. Tharaka nithi county governor speaking on a morning TV Show viewed it from the perspective of economizing resources as it was in the case in kikuyu constituency where there was only one candidate for the parliamentary seat.

The interesting point to note from this amendment bill is that each divide has a point and a drawback.

For instance, if the opposition really claim that the IEBC servers were hacked then what’s the problem of having a complimentary system to curb this? On the other hand, why is the government really pushing hard for the amendment? Is it because there is a political interest and have got tyranny of numbers?




By: Teresia Muia

Enjoy being in the company where you are celebrated not where you are tolerated .This could only be possible if we accept ourselves just as we are, whether poor or rich, healthy or unhealthy, literate or illiterate.proverbs17:1 says better to eat a dry crust of bread with peace of mind than have a banquet in a house full of trouble.

It is always wise to choose the right company .This is because. Not all people wishes us to go on, some are there to chock our dreams whereas others stretch our visions. Therefore we should be careful with the people we share our problems with because unproductive people cannot contribute to our solution but rather rejoice in our downfall.

It is right to be optimistic regardless of the challenges and the tough conditions alongside the journey of life .proverbs 16:4 says that everything that the lord has made has its destiny: even the wicked have their destiny; destruction .We should therefore not look down upon ourselves but rather have the confidence that there is a purposeful destiny for us .Honesty is an expensive gift, we don’t need to expect it .If anyone succeeds in cheating someone, don’t think that he/she is a fool.. Know that the person trusted you more than you deserved.

If someone hurts you, don’t feel bad because it’s a law of nature that the tree that bears the sweetest fruits gets the maximum number of stones

Simon escape 

​We are all students who have been admitted to moi university having met the same qualifications therefore no special treat should be given to any student around the school.my biggest worry is when will I see the flood lights in action. I have always been comfortable walking around talai Centre with the assurance of security from comrades, but could my assumptions be wrong? I dont wish to rethink about the instances of members day the day of the campus couples. Behind the dark Satan exists and behind the bushy areas exist the worlds laziest creation, human being who cannot from their sweat but depend on my reward after whole month of toiling the ground. This is not very much different with what is happening in talai Centre when the sun disappears and comrades rest at the comfort of their rooms in various so known residential/apartments with or without company.to point on the events of the last Friday, comrades have fallen victims of armed robbery around the bushy and dark areas of stage and notably three instances at the same black spot. I personally this time round having fallen victim amongst the three.

As I was walking to my rooming at around ten in the evening, a brother in a leather chaket was watching my moves but I was busy keeping company those who had no parties to attend via my electronic gadget. The man followed me for quite some time though I could not understand the Meta physics behind my attack. Before I could get out of trap, somebody had already set up his strategy to snatch my hone which I had converted into a flash light but thank God he is almighty he has given me energies which I only utilize towards his service and for emergency purposes too. I managed to escape un injured and also with all my possessions. But to my surprise, comrades in the nearby building could hear some strange news but only what they could was to peep through their windows.

Residing in stage and residing in hostels make less difference in the analysis of critical issues such as security. Being a regular visitor of university residence premises I have learnt that there is a vehicle named security vehicle which keep on oscillating around the school all night but my question goes where does money for fueling this locomotive come from? Does it come from the school fees which we all students pay? Then my question is why does is not move around stage also? 


Manchester win over Burnely on Sunday afternoon brought tension to their city rivals. Tonight’s match will be a pivotal one because it will tell who will be in top 4 and eventually on the UEFA Champions League come next season. This is because it is only one point that is in between the two. 
“It is going to be the game of the season, ” Herrera told manitd.com 

Paul Pogba will be out of the match as Herrera and Valencia are confirmed fit to make the game speedy and lively. Rashford will not be left out of the thriller tonight. 

The hosts will not be ready to concede defeat at Etihad for another time after their disappointing match that saw them out of the Emirate’s FA cup on Sunday. All they will have to do will be to shake off disappointment and go for a win so as to remain peaceful at top 4. 

Both teams under pressure to win, which team do you think will bag in 3 points at Etihad Stadium? 

Meanwhile we wish Zlatan Ibrahimovic a quick recovery… 



The nomination exercise of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) in the Luo Nyanza region kicked off on 24th April with a litmus test in Migori and Homabay Counties. Siaya and Kisumu Counties then followed on 25th.The primaries in these counties had one similarity; they were all marred with violence save for Siaya County.

Firstly, in Homabay County, the residents of Homabay town took to the street after the incumbent governor Cyprian Awiti was declared the winner of the gubernatorial race.Awiti had been declared winner after he was purported to have garnered 46,346 votes against the outgoing Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga who had 14,661 votes.

The final results caught the Homabay County residents with disguise since Oyugi Magwanga had been leading throughout the counting period only for Awiti to be declared the winner. Adding insult to the injury, the number of total votes cast could hardly exceed 20,000.In addition,the senatorial race had been won by the incumbent Moses Kanjwang’ with a mere less than 1200 votes. These are the indicators that democracy had been raped hence prompting the residents to protests that saw the ODM’s National Elections Board cancel the gubernatorial results.

The same fiasco was witnessed in Migori County with two competitors incumbent governor Okoth Obado and former minister Ochilo Ayako being declared winners by different returning officers in the gubernatorial race.On one hand, Mr Samson Olala who was one of the returning officers declared the incumbent governor Okoth Obado as the one who won the primaries by 110,142 votes beating his fiercest opponent Ochilo Ayacko who managed 59,446 votes. On the other hand,a returning officer by the name Tom Otike later emerged and released parallel results showing that Ayacko had beaten Obado by 110,350 votes against 68,000 votes. In the long run, the Migori County gubernatorial results too were canceled by the ODM’s National Elections Board pending investigations into the matter.

In Kisumu County, the incumbent senator Prof.Anyang’ Nyong’o was yesterday declared the winner of the gubernatorial primaries after he garnered 164,110 votes to beat his rival,the incumbent Governor Jack Ranguma, who managed 96,480 votes.In the same county, the incumbent Women Representative Rose Nyamunga lost to her only opponent Rosa Buyu in the hotly contested race.Rosa Buyu got 141,990 votes while Nyamunga got 82,686 votes.

However, chaos erupted when the current Kisumu central MP was announced the winner of the Kisumu central constituency primaries.The residents of Kisumu city took to the street to protests the declaration. Just like in Homabay town, the residents locked heads with the police who sprayed them with tear gas to disperse them.So far, the ODM top elections board has not communicated anything on the stablemate.

Surprisingly, in Siaya County, the seasoned politicians such the deputy leader of minority in the National Assembly Jakoyo Midiwo and Oburu Odinga who is the elder brother of the former prime minister both bow out of the race after they were knocked out at the ballot forcing them to take humble pies. For instance, in Gem Elisha Odhiambo humiliated area MP Jakoyo Midiwo in the ODM primaries with 13,400 votes against 8,950; Midiwo has so far disputed the results whereas  Nominated MP Oburu Oginga failed to clinch Bondo ODM ticket after being floored by incumbent Gideon Ochanda with 28,446 votes against 4000.

Finally, Senator James Orengo, Governor Cornel Rasanga and Women Representative  Christine Ombaka were successful in beating their rivals in the Siaya County Nominations.The incumbent governor Rasanga defeated the Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo .
Charles Domnic