By Zack Omondi

(Article written by Zack on his first week, first year in Moi University)

Dreams will always change our lives,
Dreams will always crop out great leaders from leaders,
Dreams will always select best achievers from achievers,
Dreams will always travel miles to find great minds,
Dreams will always bring a positive change,

Dream as if it’s your last night,
Dream as if living 1000 years,
Dream as if seeing the end of the world,
Dream as if you are the greatest dreamer,
Dream as if you are living your tomorrow,

Dreams aren’t dream t only,
Dreams aren’t felt only,
Dreams aren’t for imaginations,
Dreams aren’t horses to be driven,
Dreams aren’t there to move mountains,

Dreams are facts,
Dreams are real,
Dreams are to be felt and fought for,
Dreams are our life’s companions,
Dreams are maps for our brains,

Dream overnight and wake with the sun to face reality,
Dream reality and it will make your dream real,
Dreams must correspond with with the reality of our lives,
Dreams that are real, are the images of our lives,
Dreams And Reality are the synonyms of Success In Life,



By John Abdub Wako

It was Brian Tracy who said, “An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.” These are wise words whereby I wish everyone could get the strength and power in them.

Basically, we are living whereby so much negativity exists accompanied by a lot of discouragements by people, society and the environment. These really cut of some of big dreams which many had in them yet they die and go to the grave with all the abilities which God had kept in store for them in them.

Why do we put limitations to all what we do? Our abilities and efforts are unlimited, therefore stand up and be courageous to do all that come your way. You can do all things through the power of positive thinking.

There is one thing in us human beings whereby, we tend to listen and believe more in the IMPOSSIBLE rather than the POSSIBLE, but have you realized that even the word POSSIBLE exists in the word IMPOSSIBLE? What does that mean? It means that you are able and capable to do even those that seem IMPOSSIBLE! After all, do you know that everything seems impossible until it is DONE! All that you need to do is to believe in God yourself, stay positive and work towards your goals! Socialize the possibility of achieving what you want to achieve in your mind, if you can see it in your mind and dream it trust me you can indeed achieve it.

Staying positive involves seeing yourself as a success rather than a failure, as a prospect rather than a suspect, as a meaningful specific rather than a wondering generality. It involves standing up when you fall, and see a way out in every huddle of life that comes along the way.

It was Anais Nin who said, (we don’t see things as they are but we see them as we are). therefore positivity involves seeing yourself great, successful and capable of achieving everything in life. No one can see you as a great man or woman if you yourself cannot see the greatness within you. You cannot expect to be of value if you don’t see the value itself in you.

All these are combined in one important aspect of being positive and staying positive. Tell yourself,” if it is to be, it is up to ME”. Deal with yourself to see success and possibilities and be sure that positive thinking will bring you opportunities, open doors and success as well. Be an inventor and discover all what other people think can’t be done.

You only receive what your mind thinks. Think Negative issues and negative issues will always follow you wherever you go and vice versa. Focus in possibility and you will find yourself somewhere.



By Zack Omondi

Imagine having a stride along a garden planted with all sorts of beautiful flowers you can ever think of. How sweet is it to the scent of a rose flower right at the tip of your nostril. That’s the beauty of having things beautiful right from the start – very simple.

Vunja mifupa kama bado meno iko is a Kiswahili proverb that means enjoy your youthful days for you only live once. It’s the perfect setting – right here in campus – than any other place where you have the privilege to enjoy the worth pristine gift given to us by our Creator. There is no any other setting where a chance like this will be granted to us to make the rest of our living after our four or five year course in this environment. So go out there and make everything enjoyable because you already have the playground.

Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have because the how rich we are lies in between our boundaries. What you never had or have will never make you happy until you have it – because all you will be thinking of is worrying about it. There are people that God created specifically to make you happy, same to others who were created to make you stronger. Hang out with your friends, hold a bash (of your kind) with them and yes you are doing it. Have a moment to share your life experiences with them and get to know how life itself is diversified – because that’s the beauty of socialization. Create more friends meanwhile and expand your horizon of thought.

Join a club, movement or association of your choice. Enjoy doing what you like and discover also how talented you are. You will get busy that you even cannot have time to accommodate any opinions that others have substantiate about you. Life is so special that what others think of you will never meet the threshold standards of it, it’s so great that you will keep on growing when all that matters is how great God created us and how unique we are – because we are that special since the day we were born.

Become open-minded as we live by the voice of reason inside us. Try something new each day and for once becoming a little finicky to the composition of life which constitutes its beauty. Realize how worthy you are to make progress every time we have set a goal to achieve – because for us to be successful we have to know how worthy we are first. Go beyond borders and challenge yourself to try something big, make a goal(s) for yourself and strategize on how you are going to work tirelessly to achieve it/them – because its part and parcel of you to becoming great each time you challenge yourself.

Beautify your world because God has already given you all the necessities that you need. Think big, act smart always and appreciate what is around you to make it work. All that matters is to make your world beautiful.

When you hit a Detour,

By Prince Adam Sabwami

(When you hit a detour, don’t give up)…

At some point in the various journeys we embark on in our lives, we get to a part where we feel like giving up. Sometimes we give up before we even start and other times we give up just before we are about to make that huge break-through that we have been putting so much effort in to achieve.

For example, if anybody had a right to be discouraged and to give up in bible history, it was Noah. Do you know how long it took Noah to build the ark? 120 years! Could you go 120 years on a project without one word of encouragement from anybody else in the society?

But Noah trusted God. And when he heard God’s warning about the future, Noah believed HIM, even though there was no sign of a flood. I bet there were many days that Noah didn’t feel like going to work, but for 43,800 days, he went to the same place, and he worked. He never gave up.

Don’t give up on your dream, either. Don’t give up on your marriage. Don’t give up on your health. Don’t, don’t, don’t give up. God is in control. You haven’t read the final chapter of your life. God’s already written it, but you haven’t read it yet.

Don’t sell yourself short. In life there are going to be many people who will try to bring you down and tell you what you want to achieve is not possible. Don’t let anyone destroy your dreams.

As long as you are alive and around anything is possible. The only valid excuse you have to give up is if you are dead. As long as you are alive (and healthy and free) you have the choice to keep trying until you finally succeed.

Arguably the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan attributes his success to all his failures. He just never gave up even when he knew he had missed over 300 shots and had missed the winning shot of the game many times. Every time he got knocked down he got back up again.

You are stronger than you think. One little setback is not enough to stop you from achieving your goals. Neither are 10 or 100 or 1000 setbacks.

The Bible says, ‘’And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not’’ (Galatians 6:9)

Often when you feel like you want to give up and you are about to give up you are so close to making a huge break-through ever.

Please, never give up!

I love you, always praying for you.


By Zack Omondi

“Isn’t this Joseph’s son? The boy who grew as we watched him here in Nazareth?” The Pharisees said whenever Jesus was on his mission on earth.
Molded you were eccentrically to fit in that shoes you are wearing and there are many reasons behind you being you; that’s why you are exceptional. They might be wondering as to why you are not like them, why you are different yet you are from the same neighborhood and sharing the same ancestry. To them it sounds queer as to why the person they played with childhood games stands out so different from them, and what they thought you were is not making sense either. Then you can now get the insight as to why you are exceptional.
Nature holds that people will expect something from you, they have a definition set aside for you plus they have their own perception of who you are to them. It is normal when you get wondering as to why they don’t understand you yet to you it seems so simple. Live knowing that that is the art of life, which calls for your wise perspective to analyze situations and getting to realize that you have a life to lead, an example to set, a mission to accomplish and a challenge to tackle so long as you go with your own definition, the definition God made it set for your life, the definite definition that you are exceptional and living a life unique from everyone’s else.
Talking to YOU, we need to set things right and evaluate facts with us – that you are the only unique person who was bestowed that gift to live the life you are living. You need to underline the sense that it’s not a matter of ‘them’ but ‘You’. No matter how feared or ‘hated’ the lion is, it still remains the king of the jungle and it has to hunt for its cubes – it is not your worth to accommodate what others substantiate about who you actually are or what you ought to mean to them but have in mind that the most important of it all is: you still remain the master of your destiny and you have a life to make it worth living for.
Find a place and redefine the great masterpiece behind the person they find it hard to understand – not the literal way but as to why you are you and not the way they expect. Take the pilot’s seat and fly to the right destination God destined you for and of course with the perfect map He designed specifically for your flight-journey. Have your thesis clearly outlined about yourself confined to you and your creator, then live purposefully to defend it because it’s what’s worth you.
That is why they fabricated stories and came up with all sorts of ‘crap’ so as to get to define who Jesus was, but they never got to. He was simply exceptional: and so is You.


By Prince Adam Sabwami

No matter where you are today, or what you have done or done in the past, you need to accept seven essential truths about you as a person:

  1. You are a thoroughly good and excellent person; valuable and worthwhile beyond measure. No one is exactly better, beautiful, handsome or more gifted than you. Only when you doubt your essential goodness and value do you begin to question yourself. The inability to accept that you are good, lies at the root of much of your discontent.
  2. You are important, in many, many ways. How important you feel largely determines the quality of your life. Happy, successful people feel important and valuable because they feel and act this way it becomes true for them. Unhappy, frustrated people feel unimportant and of little value. They feel ‘’I’m not good enough,‘’and as a result they lash out at the world and engage in behaviors that hurt themselves and others.
  3. You have unlimited potential and the ability to create your life and world as you desire. You could not use your entire potential if you lived one hundred lifetimes. No matter what you have accomplished up to now, it is merely a hint of what is possible for you. And the more of your natural talents and abilities you develop in the present, the more of your potential you can develop in the future.
  4. You create your world in every respect by the way you think and the depth of your convictions. The amazing thing is that most of the negative or self-limiting beliefs and doubts that interfere with your happiness and success are not based on fact or reality at all. When you begin to question your self-limiting beliefs and develop beliefs consistent with the incredible person you really are, your life will begin to change almost immediately.
  5. You have a unique combination of talents, abilities, ides, insights, and experiences that make you different from anyone who has ever lived. You are designed for success and engineered for greatness. Your acceptance or no acceptance of this point largely determines the size of the goals you set, your power of persistence in the face of adversity, the height of your achievements and the whole direction of your life.
  6. There are no limits to what you can do, be, or have except the limits you place on your own thinking and your own imaginations. The biggest enemies you will ever face are your own doubts and fears.

I love you, always praying for you.