By Zack Omondi

(Article written by Zack on his first week, first year in Moi University)

Dreams will always change our lives,
Dreams will always crop out great leaders from leaders,
Dreams will always select best achievers from achievers,
Dreams will always travel miles to find great minds,
Dreams will always bring a positive change,

Dream as if it’s your last night,
Dream as if living 1000 years,
Dream as if seeing the end of the world,
Dream as if you are the greatest dreamer,
Dream as if you are living your tomorrow,

Dreams aren’t dream t only,
Dreams aren’t felt only,
Dreams aren’t for imaginations,
Dreams aren’t horses to be driven,
Dreams aren’t there to move mountains,

Dreams are facts,
Dreams are real,
Dreams are to be felt and fought for,
Dreams are our life’s companions,
Dreams are maps for our brains,

Dream overnight and wake with the sun to face reality,
Dream reality and it will make your dream real,
Dreams must correspond with with the reality of our lives,
Dreams that are real, are the images of our lives,
Dreams And Reality are the synonyms of Success In Life,



By Patricia Kombo Mumbua


I don’t know how to start,

Because this is not an act

But unforgivable fact

NO!NO!NO! This is not me

I can’t really accept myself

Because am not me

My dignity is ruined’

Shattered and bruised, no love in me

But hatred as I remember;

The incidence, the two cannibals

The two man eaters

Who tore me into pieces?

They took what I treasure,

With great measure,

And with great pressure,

Leaving laughing with pleasure,

As though it was their leisure

Ouch! Stop this,

Yell from the bush,

And with an ambush,

I admitted,

Leaving me in the pool of blood

Leaving me pale just waiting for a rescue

This is not an imagination,

And not a magnification,

But an intimidation,

And a sexual molestation.

I was left ripe .with much guilt

For that was not my wish to lose it

At attender age of 12 years

That’s not the first time

But the sixth time

It’s part of an addiction to me

At first it was my father.

This brutal father I treasured to be a God given dad

Second time was my close cousin

Third was my desk-mate

Fourth was my uncle, fifth a matatu conductor

Sixth are these cannibals

Why always me and not the rest?

Why always me the girl child?

After hospitalization, I was found anemic

After losing a lot of blood

On my second test am diseased

With two risky diseases

HIV/AIDS and gonorrhea

Why always me the girl child

Am just waiting for a celebration,

My burial ceremony

Am looking at the coffin

Watching the soil running deep

Flowers growing bright

Because all will be used on that day

Don’t cry or sympathize

You should cry for your children

And for the next generation

For me, fate has assured me of only 12 years

Oh! Fire! Fire! burning in my spirit

Deep in my soul

Let me chant a prayer

So that I may go to heaven

With great earnestness

Let me say my farewell wishes

Please this generation


By Geldine Kageni

I smile every time I see
How happy we are,
Thinking we have forever.
But, that was yesterday!

Now, maybe too late,
I can suddenly see,
It was just a wish
Made on a star that never fell,
A fairly tale that never happens,
The view of earth from a clip or,
The beauty of a free butterfly.

The memories we created together
Wishes to see each other’s grey hair
‘The happy ever after’ hope
Our similar fantasies,
Laughter at our stupid jokes
How Completed each other’s sentences,
And, was that envy of our friends’ eyes?

Those long walks under moonlight and
Those stars of passion in your eyes,
When you kissed like you meant it…
The horizon was nearer with you
And the hard looked easy
Because we both believed
‘Two are always better than one’

I couldn’t define my own feelings
And I cared less because,
Gee! I had found the one for me
One who could understand better?
And filled my blank spaces.
One with and for whom I could do anything.
Because I trusted him with my life.

Now I know,
Fairly tales belong to Walt Disney
And a bird’s poop can’t be a luck sign
As a falling leaf isn’t a sign of hope
Or a buzzing bee sign of visitors
And an itchy palm means way to richness.
So is my heart as dead.

It’s all clear,
I gave my heart to the heartbroken
Hoping to mend it whole again
Only to have my own pieces!


By Immaculate Ajiambo

When the sun goes down,

May the dash of confidence,

Spark of determination

Cloud her being

Her teary, weary

Her drained, suppressed only being she has.

When the sun goes down,

Just a whisper in the prayer

‘I love you daughter

Is enough soothing balm to her pain.

As the darkness looms to set in

May peace like a cool river flow in her life

Her one misery labelled life

And let love like wind blow

Away her tearful sorrows.

When the sun goes down

Let not her smile fade away

And her energy drown

They say: She is a sinner

They say: She is guilty

They say: She deserves less of us

In a scornful way

They declare her a social enemy.

I wonder and ponder

What of a murderer?

No sin is bigger, No sin is lesser

Is she to surrender?

Oh! Poor her, just a loner

An innocent pathfinder

They forget: No man is perfect

They forget: Do not judge, lest you are judged

When the sun goes down

May her humility remain nothing less than weakness.

Fill in the blank space; she is _______________ best         creation like I. (God’s, Devil’s)

My gift for her

When the sun goes down is (tick any: Joy, Peace, Love, Patience, Care, Envy, Judgement)

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